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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Sonequa Martin-Green Reveals Desire to Revenge Abraham, Never Taking Eyes off Negan

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Sonequa Martin-Green Reveals Desire to Revenge Abraham, Never Taking Eyes off Negan
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Sonequa Martin-Green’s Sasha “never took her eyes off Negan” in The Walking Dead Season 7 and now that Rick and the group are back together, she is more ready than ever to fight. Sonequa also shares her strong thoughts about Gregory.

While the first half of this season showed Negan’s freedom to do whatever lunacy he wants and with the group’s major separation, the second half is promised to be a game-changer. They are now together and they will no longer back down to the infamous anti-hero.

Sasha’s Revenge For Abraham

When talking with, Sonequa Martin-Green shares that she, along with the rest of the characters, mostly went on their own path for “self-discovery.” She describes the first part of the season as an “arduous” one which involved a “painstaking trudging uphill” to figure out the new world and situation they are in.

But unlike some of the characters, Sonequa’s Sasha never once wavered on her will to fight back and stand up to Negan to make him pay back for what he did, especially to Abraham. Now she is looking forward to seeing if they can come up with a plan “that will work together” to, once and for all, give Negan what he deserves.

In order to stand a chance, the communities should all come together in the return of The Walking Dead Season 7. However, getting the leaders would be a challenge as George and Ezekiel are known to avoid resorting to a fight.

Sonequa Martin-Green’s Disdain on One Character

The 31-year-old actress says that she, as Sasha, has no tolerance for anyone who stands in the way to “impede our process or our progress.” And one character in particular,  gets on her nerves, and yes, it is Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop Colony.

She strongly admits that she has no respect for the guy as he “has no backbone” and only “acts out of fear.” With that, she deduces that Gregory is certainly someone not to be trusted and can only “hinder the mission.”

Her “disdain” is only rightfully served as we have seen what kind of man Gregory is, like that instance when he almost handed over Sasha and Maggie out when Simon visited the Hilltop. That backs up Sonequa’s judgment of the character as Gregory not being a “team player” and might only “break teams.”

As for the  return of The Walking Dead Season 7 on Feb. 12, Sonequa Martin-Green promises viewers for the second half to be filled with “passion,” “turmoil” and things are going to be “wrenching.” A “fist pump in excitement” is assured by the actress as well.


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