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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7B: Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln Hated Filming Season’s First Half

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The Walking Dead Season 7B has promised us a better and more action-packed second half. This would be really welcomed as many fans are known to hate the first part of this season and, apparently, even the cast did too.

Terrible, depressing, tragic – however you describe TWD Season 7A, one thing is the same – it was not nice at all. Many characters we cared for died, our surviving characters are significantly separated, our strongest characters are broken while the bad guy is free to do whatever he wants.

Some viewers could not take it any longer that ratings have dropped to the lowest out of all the seasons of The Walking Dead. Even though it picked up a little bit on the last two episodes leading to the midseason finale, it is still the lowest for the show’s midseason finale rating history.

Of course, TWD is still one of the biggest TV shows today. But the dip in ratings shows that there is something going on with the current season that never happened before; and viewers, clearly, do not like it.

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln Hated 7A Too

Candid interviews of two of the key characters in TWD revealed that they, too, hated filming for the first half of the season. Norman Reedus, the actor playing Daryl, admits filming for 7A was “rough” for them.

Most of the reasons behind it are because they are separated, says Norman. Meanwhile, Andrew Lincoln, who is giving life to Rick, shares the same feeling.

The famous bromance of their characters was finally reunited on the midseason finale and their hug was, indeed, emotional. Andrew said that it was actually “embarrassing” because what we have seen on our screens is nothing when compared to what actually happened “in between action and cut.” He says it was “just never-ending” and the two could not be pried apart.

Meanwhile, to soften the hard blow of the first half of hit AMC series, Norman says when he told showrunner Greg Nicotero that it “sucks,” Nicotero answered that it is “supposed to.” So how the viewers felt are just part of the story that is being told and, in Norman’s words, it only makes “coming back together that much more special” for The Walking Dead Season 7B.

Some Heartbreaking Negan Backstory?

Many viewers and fans of TWD rightfully hate the “psychopath” that is Negan. The man he is today is undoubtedly filled with evil, and he may not deserve anyone’s mercy.

Meanwhile, the 10 four-page comic installments Here’s Negan tells interesting things about his character. Beware that there are spoilers to be read ahead.

The recent issue showed how Negan met with a certain character. And fans who read it may hate Negan a bit more while this character may be even more pitied.

After the world bowed down on its knees to the apocalypse and Negan was alone in the woods, Dwight approached him. It is the first time in the comics to see Dwight without the scar on his face.

The hearts of some fans broke for the guy as they saw it was actually him who approached Negan as a companion. Little did he know, he would, later on, lose his girlfriend to the guy and get his face painfully scarred by him for “misbehaving.”

Also, it was previously revealed that Lucille is actually named after Negan’s wife who died just as the catastrophe happened in the world. She was diagnosed with a terminal disease and Negan tried to be a good guy for her before it was too late, such as breaking up with an affair that his wife Lucille knew about.

The story of Negan was confirmed by AMC to be revealed in the series. However, it is not sure whether the backstory in the comics will be followed.

The Walking Dead Season 7B will return to the screens on Feb. 12. With a preparation for an “all-out war” promised, more action is expected to pick up in its comeback this year.


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