Your Weaknesses Won’t Stop God From Working Through You

There are moments in life when the weaknesses a person can have may discourage him from pursuing some things. Some people may harbor doubts about themselves, dwell on their weak spots, or allow their weaknesses to lead to their downfall.

In today’s competitive society, strength and a go-getting character are often used as measuring sticks for potential success. Having shortcomings or failing, however, are part and parcel of life, and we just need to spring back.

Unfortunately, some people let continuous failure lead to a defeatist attitude. There may be times when we feel we are not assertive enough, or not pure enough, or not righteous enough to be used as `instruments’ by God.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Dani Johnson, author and strategic business coach, says one can move past those negative feelings, trust and find security in God.

The Secret to Moving Past the Negative Feelings

Dani has helped hundreds of thousands of people by empowering them to overcome obstacles to growth; to earn more and annihilate debt; and to live the life they want. In her book, Spirit Driven Success, Dani recalled some of the hardships she experienced in life, underscoring that “life is not perfect just because you believe in God.”

She stated that amidst life’s vicissitudes, one thing is sure: “God’s love is, and has always been, constant.” He can empower you to defeat your physical or emotional pain, your fears and adversaries, your debt, and your addictions.

Take for instance the Biblical account of Samson, whom God imbued with strength and used as an instrument to destroy enemies, regardless of his human flaws. Samson was not perfect; he could not overcome his weakness for women and was seduced by Delilah into confessing the source of his strength.

In our everyday life, we may suffer some traps, or encounter temptations that can lead to potentially tragic choices, just like Samson. All of us have vulnerable moments and at times there is the possibility of running into some trouble because of our weaknesses.

Yet we are blessed with the same Spirit that empowered and strengthened Samson. Dani reminds us that we have the ability to learn an

Time-Tested Biblical Secrets

Now some people do not realize their own strengths until they come face to face with their weaknesses or reach a turning point in life. This is particularly true with many young people or those in their prime who continue to be`works in progress.’

One important thing to do is to keep the faith. As Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. You may feel unsure or not good enough to be used by God  as an instrument, but you can start banishing those thoughts now because your weaknesses will not stop God from working through you and empowering you to defeat `the enemy’ — those with evil intentions.

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