3 Most Mysterious Crimes Solved by Psychics in Real Life

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Anything that cannot be explained by science and facts is considered unreal, such as psychic power, for an instance. But whether they exist or not, it is worth noting that some psychics have helped solved crimes where police are left empty-handed with no answers.

One of the fascinating things in this world is the things that continue to be a mystery. It may be considered unbelievable or outrageous, but there are actually real-life situations wherein the help of psychic lead to solving a crime. Here are three of the most bizarre crimes helped solved by psychics.

Case of a Missing Child

When the four-year-old Edith Kiecorius went missing in Brooklyn in 1961 and police turned up with no leads, the president of K.L.M. Airline decided to ask for the help of the popular clairvoyant in Netherlands named Gerard Croiset. Declining to go to New York, he asked to be sent the girl’s picture, map, and clothes.

Croiset was then able to give descriptions of a “dark woman sitting in front of a window” and information on the location. The NYPD found the house after a few hours where Edith’s dead body was retrieved. Despite not being able to save Edith’s life, justice was served as the murderer and kidnapper were later arrested.

A Brutal Murder

On July 16, 1973, Penny Serra’s body was found brutally murdered in Connecticut while her murderer’s whereabouts were unknown, much less his/her identity. Since the police saw no possible clues, Detective George Mazzacane asked for the help of psychic Pascarella Downey.

The psychic gave a description of the murderer through her psychic power which she described as a mechanic who smelled of oil. At the time of the murder, he was wearing his uniform with a name tag that showed his name starting with the letter “E.” However, Downey says he will not be caught in a few years but ultimately, “blood will tell.”

True enough, the suspect named Edward was found 26 years later, matching the descriptions given by the psychic. He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Disappearance of A Killer

Sixteen-year-old Patricia List missed attending a play rehearsal which worried her drama coach, Ed Illiano because the girl once told him that her father, John List, wanted to kill her. Deciding to come to the girl’s house, Ed brought the police with him for possible intervention.

They were stunned to see what has happened in the house. Every single one was found dead – Patricia and her two other siblings, her mother and her grandmother were all shot. A confession letter by John was also found.

After 13 years of no clue whether John was still alive or not, the detective, Jeffrey Paul Hummel, assigned in the case decided to investigate the killed family’s anniversary again on November 9, 1971. With the help of psychic detective Elizabeth Lerner, they learned that John was still alive who escaped with a bus while noteworthy connections in the places “Baltimore” and “Virginia” were mentioned by Lerner.

Indeed, John was discovered to have left town on a bus after killing his family and remarried in Baltimore with his second wife named Delores. After being seen as one of America’s Most Wanted, John was reported by a neighbor and arrested in Virginia.

At the end of the day, it is up to people to believe whether psychic power is real or not. What matters is that justice was served for the victims as the suspects were caught and the grieving families were given answers.


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