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Front and Back Screens May Be the Next Smartphones After LG Filed for Patent Application

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Front and Back Screens May Be the Next Smartphones After LG Filed for Patent Application
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The sky might be the limit for technological innovations, especially for smartphones. A phone with front and back screens may be the next thing to happen to our devices as LG is already trying to create one.

Our handheld devices have so much been upgraded throughout the years that it is already quite hard to imagine what life is like pre-smartphones. Imagine not being able to connect to Wi-Fi before, or much less have your own data? The quality of the camera, the size of storage and more have also been very limited years ago.

It is safe to say that we have come a long way. However, what did not change for years is the look of our phones physically; and with this generation’s interest time span, the consumers are getting bored.

Front and Back Screens For Phones?

LG has stepped forward to file a patent application for smartphones with front and back screens. However, it is not easy to wrap our minds around a phone with a screen wrapped around its entirety.

While it is an interesting design concept, many are skeptical on its practicality. The back of our smartphones has mostly been used for holding the device and having a screen on its rear might more or less be a waste, according to The Verge.

Moreover, its durability is being questioned too. Since it is, most of the time, unavoidable to drop our phones, the wrapped around screen might easily shatter.

Still, the South Korean multinational electronics company might have something up on its sleeve in making the concept feasible that are not yet announced. It is also worth noting that not all patented applications will see the light of day. Therefore, only time will really tell for this futuristic design.

Bendable Devices of the Future

Other tech giants are also tapping on new concepts for smartphones of the future. Brands are mostly focused on designing a foldable smartphone from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung.

Since their Apple devices have become thinner, its breakability has also become an issue. This will be soon addressed with bendable iPhones.

Samsung was granted a patent application for a flip phone with a foldable  OLED screen either midway or fully. As for Lenovo, their bendable devices are also being developed from a tablet to a smartphone that can be folded like a wristwatch.

Whether it be bendable phones or devices with front to back screens, the future of electronic devices is indeed looking like to quite out-of-this-world. In the meantime, internal upgrades are more imminent in the latest gadgets being replaced.


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