Michael Bublé Breaks Silence and Reveals Son Noah Is ‘Progressing Well’ With His Treatment Against Cancer

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Michael Bublé Breaks Silence and Reveals Son Noah Is 'Progressing Well' With His Treatment Against Cancer
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Michael Bublé breaks his silence about his son Noah who is fighting cancer. The singer recently released a statement giving an update on his brave three-year-old child’s progress.

Treatment is Fortunately Going Well

In a statement released on the Canadian singer’s Facebook account, he and his wife Luisana Lopilato wants everyone who was worried for the child to know about how Noah is doing. They are grateful to share that the child is “progressing well during his treatment” and the doctors are “optimistic” about the boy’s future.

Knowing what the little child is going through breaks our hearts but Michael Bublé said that the little warrior has been “brave throughout.” With that, they continue to be “inspired by his courage.”

The 41-year-old singer expressed his gratitude towards the doctors and caretakers who are looking after their little boy as he fights cancer. The family also thanked “God for the strength he has given all of us.”

Back in November, it was revealed that their oldest son, three-year-old Noah, is fighting cancer. They also have a younger son named Elias who just turned one-year-old last month.

Both Michael and Luisana withdrew from their work engagements and put their “careers on hold” to focus on the treatment of the child. Meanwhile, the kind of cancer their son has is not revealed by the couple themselves while news reports say it is liver cancer.

The singer also kept his word as he did not post anything since the first announcement on Nov. 4, 2016. They asked fans for prayers and privacy during their trying time.

Fortunately, the news now leans on the positive side as they thanked fans for the thousands of prayers and good wishes that came their way. The journey for Noah and the family is not yet over, though, yet Michael says they are “greatly comforted” by everyone’s love and support as they continue to the next treatments.

Noah Enjoyed Christmas

One of the voices that serenade us during Christmas season is Michael Bublé as he has eventually become a staple for the holidays. But as the family fights cancer together, things were a little bit different for the latest Yuletide as the crooner stayed with his family and out of the live Christmas concerts.

Ultimately, Christmases are for children and the Bublé family made sure to make it special for Noah. And because the little warrior was discharged after doing well with his first round of chemotherapy, he got to spend the holiday at home.

Unlike their usual tradition of spending the Christmas in their Vancouver home, Michael Bublé and the rest of the family spent it together in LA where Noah is being treated. The family’s strength together surely made little Noah continue to fight off his cancer bravely.


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