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Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Takes On Twin Challenges

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Takes On Twin Challenges
PHOTOGRAPH: Miranda Kerr | Photo shows Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel
Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, recently filed for its initial public offering. The man at the helm Evan Spiegel, 26, has opted to tap into what he deems best at the moment.
The dashing CEO of the American social media firm is marking another milestone this year. He is set to tie the knot with Australian model-entrepreneur Miranda Kerr.
Evan’s company is behind the hugely popular smartphone app that lets people send disappearing pictures to their friends. With a lean employee force and minimal revenues, Snap is valued at a staggering $800 million.
There are reasons why the go-getting CEO wants to act sooner rather than later when it comes to a crucial business move as steering Snap to become a public company, and taking his relationship with his ladylove to the next level. The internet entrepreneur knows what he wants and does not want to lose precious time.

All About the Man

Evan spent much of his growing up years in Pacific Palisades, a wealthy Los Angeles suburb. He leads a privileged life — expensive cars, exclusive club memberships and fancy vacations.

He majored in product design and started a handful of companies with Bobby Murphy, his fraternity brother. Though their early start-ups flopped, they plodded on.

At Stanford, he met some of the men who would become his mentors, including Eric Schmidt, the Google chairman; and Scott Cook, then the chief executive of Intuit. Eric would later state in interviews that he considered Evan Spiegel “the next Gates or Zuckerberg.”

Snapchat’s Take-Off

When Snapchat began taking off, Evan did not wait to graduate from Stanford. He hastened to move the company to the Venice Beach boardwalk, away from what he considered as Silicon Valley’s too-narrow focus on technology.

A clear illustration that Snap was on to something big was an offer from Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg to acquire Snap, Inc. a few years ago. It was something that Evan rejected.
Users and tech specialists have noted how Snapchat’s features have been copied and rolled into apps by bigger firms. Business analysts opined that if Snap wants to be as big as the established players in the technology and social media realm, then it must show to the world that it is a camera company with a unique proposition and will be capable of taking over the tech world.
For now, the Snapchat maker needs a large inflow of capital to help it grow and compete more aggressively with the likes of Google, Facebook, and other leading players in the social video and mobile messaging industries. A successful IPO could catapult the company to make the leap from good to great.

Charting a New Path

The significant other of model Miranda Kerr was selected as one of the youngest billionaires on the Forbes 400.  For a man who is fast on the draw in terms of innovation, and who also adheres to a commitment he makes, he was certainly one of the world’s most eligible bachelors — until Miranda snagged his heart.
The Victoria’s Secret Angel proudly stated in a magazine interview that she and her beau have “common values, a sense of loyalty, family and honesty.” She added that while she tends to trust other people more easily, Evan is more reserved and guarded and reserved — hence, it is a good balance.

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