How to Update Google Chrome Browser v55 to Keep Your Gmail Secured Especially for Windows XP, Vista

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How to Update Google Chrome Browser v55 to Keep Your Gmail Secured Especially for Windows Xp, Vista
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Even though updating various applications and devices are a pain in the neck to some, it is available for a reason. In order to keep your Gmail account secured, here is how to update Google Chrome.

An announcement from the Google’s blog stated that the Chrome browser will no longer support those with version 53 and below starting Feb. 8. If not updated, Gmail will still load while a banner at the top of Gmail interface will be shown if you still have the Google Chrome Browser v53. This will be available until December 2017 and then you will, later on, be redirected to the email service’s basic HTML version.

It is best not to procrastinate on the update since the v55 has some “several important security updates.” Using the previous versions would also put yourself at higher security risks with no access to several new bug fixes and features.

How to Update Google Chrome Browser v55

  1. Click on the three-dotted button found on your Chrome browser’s (for both PC and Mac) top right corner.
  2. Once the drop-down menu appears, you will see a button that says “Update Google Chrome” if you are not yet running the latest version. If it does not appear, you might already have the most recent one.
  3. To check, go to the bottom area of the menu and hover your cursor on “Help” but do not click it. Another menu will appear where you will have to click “About Google Chrome.”
  4. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to a new page where Google will automatically begin the update if your browser is, indeed, not the latest version.
  5. After the update is done, the Google Chrome browser ask you to refresh to complete the process. And you are done – with your safety and security guaranteed!

Risks for Windows XP or Vista

The announcement was actually made to address users that are still using Windows XP or Vista as they are more exposed with unsupported programs and are even more vulnerable. They will also be more affected because v49 is the last released version that supports these operating systems.

As previously announced by Google, the v49 is no longer maintained by Microsoft. With that, users are advised to move to more secure and supported systems.

In a nutshell, Google is saying that users should update Google Chrome to v55 to keep  Google data protected from dangerous risks. And if possible, those who are still using XP or Vista should already ditch them as soon as possible because security is one thing that should not be compromised.


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