Ryan Gosling Gets His 1st BAFTA Nomination for `La La Land’

Ryan Gosling Gets His 1st BAFTA Nomination for `La La Land'
PHOTOGRAPH: La La Land | Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone make movie magic in `La La Land.’

Ryan Gosling fans are ecstatic that the Hollywood actor has another extraordinary opportunity to reap recognition at the biggest film awards event 0utside the U.S. — the EE British Academy Film Awards. Unknown to many, while the actor has been honored by several award-giving bodies for a wide range of films over the years, it is only now that Ryan has gotten his first-ever BAFTA nomination.

BAFTA is a  prestigious award that highlights a film and actor’s contributions to the medium. Being among the films nominated for Best Film for showing exceptional creativity and innovation, La La Land is a favorite.

For his portrayal of a struggling artist alongside the character played by Emma Stone, Ryan will be up against other strong contenders for Leading Actor at BAFTA. They include Casey Affleck, Andrew Garfield, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

A String of Movie Hits

Ryan has long been a bankable Hollywood actor with a string of  hits that include The Notebook and  Crazy Stupid Love (where he showed a knack for comedy). In La La Land, the Gangster Squad actor reignites big screen chemistry with Emma Stone and they engage audiences as a musical dream duo.

The movie has been described as daringly original and highly entertaining, and the Ryan-Emma tandem has been regarded by many as simply amazing.  In real life, the stars of the movie have the common thread of being daring souls who ventured into the film business as kids, way before landing their breakout roles and becoming among Hollywood’s highest paid artists.

Heart-On-Fire Kind of Joy

At the Golden Globe Awards, Ryan was beaming with gratitude and took the occasion to thank his life partner, actress Eva Mendes.  He also mentioned his two daughters in his speech.

The entire Twittersphere went abuzz with his “great acceptance speech.” Ryan said that while he was “having one of the best experiences” he has ever had on a film, Eva was taking on the responsibilities of their daughter, carrying their second child, and helping her brother fight his battle with cancer. For acknowledging the immense contribution and sacrifice of his partner to his success, Ryan earned greater adulation from online followers.

Ryan and his significant other Eva Mendes are known to speak very little about their private lives. In a few television guest appearances, though, like The Ellen Show, they had expressed just how happy they are as parents, with Eva citing how exhausting it can get, but would not have it any other way.


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