This Drug Helped Man with Only 18 Months Left to Live to Be Cancer-Free

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This Drug Helped Man Who Only Had 18 Months Left to Live to Be Cancer-Free
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A man was diagnosed with cancer and told that he only had a year and a half more to live. After three years, he is still alive and kicking and amazingly cancer-free thanks to a drug that may soon be used to globally battle cancer.

A Confined Clinical Trial

Bob Berry from Hazel Grove in Stockport found out that he had lung cancer after getting his aching shoulders checked three years ago. The 60-year-old man’s fight to live led him to surgeries, radiotherapies, and chemotherapies to battle the disease which was already growing to his lymph nodes.

He was basically unresponsive to medications and treatments. With that, he was told he only had 18 months to live. Thinking that there was nothing left to risk, he agreed to be part of the clinical trials for a new a drug in The Christie, a cancer research center included in UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

Bob became one of the first patients to test the drug as there were only two other participants in The Christie; only 11 more across the globe. In fact, the testing was so confined that there were only six centers worldwide that conducted clinical trials of the drug that is yet to be named.

The drug is taken in combination with immunotherapy (a cancer treatment to improve the body’s natural defenses) in order to battle the disease. And it proved to be extremely effective as a year after, Bob was found to be cancer-free.

It is still in its early testing stages but it already shows promising results in defeating the disease that is the second most common cause of death in the U.S. alone. Meanwhile, even though Bob showed “phenomenal response” to the clinical trial, his consultant, Dr. Matthew Krebs, says more research is needed to establish the findings since cancer is a “complex disease” to which people respond differently.

More Potential for Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a group of diseases that is so diverse and obscure. It invades the various parts of the body. Moreover, there are more than 100 types of cancer which make it extremely challenging for medical researchers to find a treatment.

The good thing is that we might be a step closer to finding a treatment. In addition to this still nameless drug, there are German researchers who may have found a way to stop cancer cells from spreading in the bloodstream.

And in separate research, scientists have successfully mapped the global genetic network of a cell. This opens the door to a more effective approach to the genes that impact diseases.

Fortunately, more and more studies have shown promising results. And while not all of them might be successful, these findings could be applied to further studies that will push us closer to a cancer-free world.


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