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iPhone 8 Rumors and Leaks: 5 Amazing Upgraded Features

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5 Amazing Upgraded Featurs of iPhone 8 Rumors and Leaks

Many iPhone 8 rumors and leaks teased many features worth looking forward to. While waiting for its release, interested buyers should already start saving, though, as the fascinating new phones will also come with a hefty price tag.

Apple has once again worked its way on top of the smartphone market while beating other tech giants in the industry, including Samsung. The releases of Apple’s new models have, indeed, captured the likings of many consumers as they surpassed Samsung’s number of units shipped. The controversy of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 7 could have possibly been a factor too.

Nonetheless, the company’s reclaim of their spot leaves consumers thrilled for what is next to come for the new-generation iPhones especially when they would be the face of their “special 10th-anniversary edition.” When they launch this fall, buyers will have to cash out over $1,000 – its expected cost according to Fast Company.

It would burn a huge hole in your pockets, but the upgraded features might seem worth it. To get a little glimpse of what to keep an eye out for in Apple’s upcoming phones, here are 5 amazing features from iPhone 8 rumors and leaks.

Dual-Lens Camera

The iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-lens camera impressed a lot of consumers and it is undoubtedly expected to be a feature of the iPhone 8 as well. Instead of one, there are two rear cameras on the phone – one a standard wide angle lens, another a telephoto lens.

These two work together in action to produce a remarkably amazing shot with an all-new depth of field that is rare to see from smartphone cameras. Basically, the background and the foreground can be separated leaving the subject in focus while the background is unfocused. This will produce a bokeh effect that is usually seen in portrait photography taken with a DSLR.

Better Resistance Quality

The iPhone 8 is leaked to have an IP68 rating. This means Apple’s new phones can be submerged in the water at a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Moreover, the phone will have a higher resistance to dirt, dust, and sand without having to use an external protector. This would be extremely useful as it could lessen your worry over your phone in challenging environments, like when you are on the beach.

3D-Sensing Technology

There are rumors that the upcoming iPhones will be supplied with a 3D-sensing technology by Lumentum. The said manufacturer specializes in optical and photonic products.

What it means for a smartphone to have 3D-sensing technology is that the device will be aware of its surroundings. Applications of this feature may include virtual reality, improved Google Maps directions, and better online shopping experience through a more accurate sizing of shoes and clothes.

Bigger Screen Size

On the second half of 2017, the three iPhone models that are expected to be launched will be bigger. The two will have a TFT-LCD panel in the sizes 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

The other one will be even bigger with a size of 5.8 inches for the iPhone featuring AMOLED display which will have a sharper and more vibrant display. Its screen is also heard to have an all curved and edgeless display which will be exclusively manufactured by Samsung Display.

Forged Stainless Steel

The upcoming iPhones will also be tougher with forged stainless steel on its sides. Reportedly, this will be used to sandwich the phone’s front and rear glass panels together. The iPhone 8 rumors and leaks also stated the metal forging used in this method will provide metal grade toughness for the 2017 iPhones.


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