Katy Perry Thrills Fans With New Track

Katy Perry Thrills Fans With New Track
PHOTOGRAPH: Katy Perry | Photo shows a recent snap of Katy Perry that she posted on Instagram with the accompanying phrase, “New life.”

Katy Perry’s fans are thrilled that she has a new track, and she just might sing it at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards that will unravel at Staples Center, Los Angeles, California February 12.

One of the most followed celebrities on Twitter maintained a low profile during the second quarter of last year. She became active again during the months leading to the U.S. elections and after it to make her voice heard on issues like diversity and the Syrian crisis as well as events like the Women’s March.

The Dark Horse singer’s recording comeback has been a highly anticipated one. Interestingly, holding off on a new album is something Katy has in common with Taylor Swift, with whom she has had a long-standing feud. Taylor’s fans have long been waiting for her to drop a new album, and they expected it to happen in late 2016, but until now it has not happened yet.

New Image, New Music

When Katy posted an image of herself on her Instagram account that looked like a painting in watercolor (with light hair and a pink  conservative outfit), she wrote, “New life who dis.” It created a stir among her online followers, with most of them expressing happiness that a new song was created.

The celebrated singer shared a teaser for the new song on Twitter, where she wrote a cryptic message, “Why are we all so chained.” An eye-riveting disco ball chain is shown chained to Katy’s ankle, as she walks in silver stilettos, while a reggae-tinged intro plays in the final few seconds.

The reggae/dance hybrid sound hinted at the featured performance of Jamaican singer of Skip Marley, who happens to be the grandson of the legendary Bob Marley. Katy stated in her interviews that she got to work with lots of writers and producers that sonically  brought out various things.

She added that she has placed herself in unexpected situations and that has bred a lot of new colors. The Roar singer is set to perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards, together with The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, and Bruno Mars.

The 2017 Grammys has ignited much attention, since it has always featured the cream of the crop in the music industry. It will feature a showdown of divas, including Adele and Beyonce who are vying for the plum awards.

Rooting for Fellow Artists

Recently, Katy showed support for Lady Gaga’s halftime show at the recent Super Bowl.  Katy, herself rendered a dazzling performance at the iconic Super Bowl 49 halftime show.

The 32-year-old singer knows the intense preparations required by such an event. She had her chance to shine at the Super Bowl event held at University of Phoenix Stadium in February 2015.


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