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5 Things You Should Know Before the Walking Dead Season 7 Returns on Feb. 12

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5 Things You Should Know Before the Walking Dead Season 7 Returns on Feb. 12
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The Walking Dead Season 7 is coming back to our screens in a few more nights. Here are some refreshers and teasers to look forward to as things are finally kicking into action with an “all-out war.”

The first half of Season 7 has been gloomy and slow-moving especially when we see our leader with his head down while accepting Negan’s terror of reign. It was also filled with introductions to new faces and communities that expanded the world of hit AMC series like never before.

Up until the midseason finale, though, Negan continued his bat-swinging moves while leaving casualties who are close to our hearts along the way. However, now that Rick and group are reunited, the anti-hero’s evil antics is soon expected to be halted, as promised by many of the cast. In the meantime, here are 5 things that are worth noting before the series returns on-screen.

New Survivors

We have met a lot of new faces on The Walking Dead Season 7, but there are apparently more survivors we have yet to meet. A teaser photo released by EW showed Rick face to face with a woman and a few other people in the junkyard.

As you may recall, a pair of boots were seen spying on Rick and the others during the midseason finale yet its wearer remains unknown. There is a possibility that this new character, who we will meet “pretty quickly” according to showrunner Scott M. Gimple, owns those boots.

Alliance of the Communities Possible

The synopsis of Season 7B officially hints that Alexandria alone is not enough to beat The Saviors with all their supplies and weapons taken from other communities. In other words, an alliance among Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom is imminent.

Still, it will not be an easy road for Rick as the two communities’ leaders are known for their aversion towards violence. The Oceanside, meanwhile, has made it loud and clear to Tara that they are definitely not onboard for any alliance. Will the women change their minds?

Rick and Daryl to Fight Back

Both the actors behind Daryl and Rick, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln, respectively, admitted that they are not too keen on the first half of The Walking Dead. Finally, their characters are back into action now that the two have also reunited.

Andrew promises the Alexandrian leader is back as well as his “thrill to fight.” As for Daryl, Norman warns that he is now in “kill mode” so Negan should better watch his back.

All Out War

We have been teased enough that a war is really happening to take down Negan once and for all. The first step is down now that the leader is back on track to fight. What is next is to prepare themselves against Negan and his army.

Treachery in the Group

The remaining survivors of the show have been through hell together that knowing someone might betray each other is heartbreaking. It seems it might be inevitable as the synopsis has already hinted that there will be a “ treachery from people we trust.”

Moreover, Lennie James, the actor playing Morgan, backs the idea in an interview by saying that the protagonists will eventually come to a point of having to take sides. There are others who will “take the dark side” and will take us “by surprise” while others, on the other hand, will come over to the light.

As to who this person, or people, might be is something we are already dreading and anticipating to know. The good news is that we will slowly find out as The Walking Dead Season 7 returns on Feb. 12.


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