Samsung Battery Fire Occurred in the Company’s Supplier Factory Slated to Produce Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S8

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Samsung Battery Fire Occurred in the Company's Supplier Factory
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A Samsung battery fire reportedly occurred on Wednesday in the company’s affiliate factory, Samsung SDI. Fortunately, no one was killed in the fire that was allegedly caused by waste products.

A minor fire struck the factory located in Tianjin in Northen China. According to the spokesman of Samsung SDI, Shin Yong-doo said the fire only broke out on the facility that is used for waste products. This includes the area where faulty batteries are stored.

The spokesman also added that most of the factory is running normally and that operation is not significantly affected. Moreover, there are no casualties from the fire caused by waste products that included the faulty batteries.

However, there might be a slight confusion as the local fire department stated on their microblog that the fire was actually caused by batteries inside the facility. The Tianjin Fire Department’s Wuqing branch stated the material that caught the fire was lithium batteries.

These lithium batteries are “half-finished products” that are inside the production workshop, as per the department’s post on their verified Sina Weibo account. They also reportedly sent 110 firemen and 19 trucks to the area to put out the fire.

Batteries Also Caused Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

Samsung SDI is one-half of Samsung’s battery suppliers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that infamously got two worldwide recalls because of its explosions. Meanwhile, the factory will also supply the batteries of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 that is slated for release in this year’s first quarter.

Just a few weeks ago, Samsung officially revealed the results of their probe regarding the explosions of the Note 7. The findings come to no one’s surprise as it proved the culprit of the devices’ combustion is the batteries.

The first issue of explosions resulted from overheating of the device which called for a recall of the product. Thinking that the other phones with batteries supplied by Amperex Technology, Samsung’s other battery supplier, they rushed the process which was assumed that may have contributed to various manufacturing issues which eventually led to the second worldwide recall.

This cost the South Korean manufacturer more than a $5 billion loss. But as the four-month probe of the incident ended, another flagship handset is on its way to release in the form of Galaxy S8 that would hopefully redeem the tech giant’s reputation.

This smartphone is rumored to have an infinity display which means the whole frontal area of the phone will just be the screen – no buttons or logos. There will also allegedly be an iris scanner that would be a huge upgrade from the fingerprint scanner in phones today.

There are various things to look out for in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 that would expectedly trump the demise of Galaxy Note 7. And hopefully, there would no longer be any news of a Samsung battery fire happening, especially on the handsets.


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