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‘Stranger Things’ 2 Spoilers: Plot Reveals New Characters, Eleven’s Whereabouts

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Stranger Things 2 Spoilers: Plot Revealed, New Characters, Eleven's Whereabouts
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Everyone’s new favorite sci-fi web TV series is slated to be back this Halloween but the plot of Stranger Things 2 remains tightly kept as secret. Fortunately, there are finally little glimpses of what is about to happen when the gang returns.

The Netflix series gave a nod to the 1980s pop culture which impressed many viewers. As the first season followed the mysterious disappearance of the young boy Will, the bigger mythology surrounding it will be explored more in the Season 2.

Plot Spoilers for Season 2

Stranger Things 2 will pick up a year after the events of the first season unfolded for the 1984 Halloween in the fictional town Hawkins, Indiana. Will is back and her mother, Joyce, will do her best to bring their life back to normal.

This would also include Joyce’s decision to date her old classmate Bob while Winona Ryder, who plays Joyce, thinks it is because she “wants a good father figure” in the lives of her sons Will and Jonathan. Meanwhile, Will might suffer “post-traumatic stress disorder” according to the show’s co-creator Matt Duffer after spending some time in the alternate dimension called Upside Down.

David Harbour also says his character, Jim Hopper, will be the one with the “voice of authority” to keep some things a secret to Joyce and the kids including Barb’s disappearance. This, along with Eleven’s disappearance and seeming death too, will take a toll, especially on Mike and Nancy according to the co-creator Rose Duffer.

Moreover, there are going to be new characters to join the cast with Max (Sadie Sink) and Billy (Dacre Montgomery). For Billy’s character, Matt Duffer says they will  borrow some characterizations of Stephen King’s “really great human villains.”

Eleven’s Whereabouts

After defeating the Demogorgon, it appears the young psychokinetic Eleven has perished. However, Stranger Things fans should not worry as Duffer confirms Eleven and actress Millie Brown are definitely going back and will even be a “major part of the season.”

Eleven’s storyline has been thoroughly veiled but Millie says there will be an “emotional transition” this season. This time, Millie will also be given the opportunity to expand on her character who escaped from being a test subject at the Hawkins National Laboratory.

Meanwhile, there are still otherworldly forces to challenge our protagonists in Stranger Things 2 with Matt promising more “kinds of horror.” This is expected especially when the lab, now run by Dr. Owens, and the rift in Upside Down is still open.


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