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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Andrew Lincoln on Imminent ‘Bloodshed’ That Comes With War

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Andrew Lincoln on Imminent 'Bloodshed' That Comes With War
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The Walking Dead Season 7 vows the second half will be totally different from the first. But as we are thrilled to know Rick and his crew step up to fight Negan, there is also an accompanying fear gripping our hearts to the characters we might lose along the way.

The hit AMC series has never been afraid to kill off its characters no matter how loved they are by fans. If the character’s arc is completed through death that will push the narrative of the story to where it should be, then that would be his/her fate.

Because the overall theme of Season 7B is going to be a preparation for the war, it is inevitable to have casualties along the way. Andrew Lincoln, the actor portraying Alexandria’s leader Rick, admits there will definitely be “bloodshed” as war is called.

Rick’s Growth as a Leader

A lot of getting-to-know one’s selves have happened in the first half of The Walking Dead Season 7 as the characters’ world was rocked by Negan’s reign of terror. One of the most affected is undoubtedly Rick who not only feels responsible for himself but also for the rest of his group.

Andrew says Rick is “really exploring different parts of who he is” especially now that they have made the decision to fight back. One should not go to war unprepared and Rick knows they are “completely outnumbered and outgunned.”

To have enough numbers, Alexandria would have to join forces with the Hilltop and the Kingdom. However, their leaders are known with their aversion towards violence; and this is where we will see a new side of Rick.

The former sheriff is “nothing if not persuasive” which sometimes leads to his aggressiveness. His growth as a character will now position himself more like a “politician,” says Andrew, on persuading and being more willing to “compromise.”

Losing Is Part of Winning

Before being the leader of Alexandria, Rick is a father first. Now that Carl is no longer a child and capable of making his own decisions, Andrew says it would be a “forefront” between Rick and Carl’s relationship. It would be complicated especially from a parent’s perspective as their child will eventually “want their own independence.”

This also brings light to the “conflict of interest” from wanting to protect his people. But by doing so, he would also be endangering them towards the battle. At what cost will Rick be prepared to pay in order to defeat Negan? We will eventually know the answer as The Walking Dead Season 7 returns on Feb. 12 on AMC.


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