This New Drone Jammer Gun Can Turn off Video Transmissions, Jam Signals From a Mile Away

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This New Drone Jammer Gun Can Turn off Video Transmissions, Jam Signals From a Mile Away
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The availability of drones led to many uses that are mostly beneficial, yet some may have fallen into the hands of the bad guys. As a preventive measure, a new drone jammer gun that can disrupt signals, turn off video transmissions and others is created.

DroneGun Functions From A Mile Away

Acquiring drones have become easily achievable for individuals. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, around 2.5 million drones were already sold in 2016; a number that is projected to triple in the span of four years.

Because it can easily be used for criminal intent, more counter-drone technologies have been improved as well to obstruct this dangerous possibility. DroneShield, a Sydney- and Virginia-based security company, has unveiled DroneGun, a portable drone jammer gun.

DroneGun can control a wide range of drone models making it significantly convenient protection-wise. Its function includes counter-controlling the drone to land or return to its pilot without destroying the flying intruder.

The system can also turn off the drone’s video transmission and disable its positioning signals such as GPS and GLONASS. It can do all that even when it is remarkably far – about 1.2 miles (1.9 kilometers) away under varying environmental conditions. Other jammers can only interrupt signals when they are closer, which can be dangerous when the infiltrator drone is carrying explosives.

The Good and Bad Uses of Drone

Aside from the fun side of it, drones are being used for essential purposes. For instance, drones, quadcopters, and octocopters are used by companies and governments for aerial inspections for buildings and bridges.

This technology can also save lives through search and rescue missions. Ambulance drones for cardiac arrest patients are developed to respond immediately to the emergency situation. Meanwhile, suspects of drug smuggling are caught after being seen by the cameras in drones.

However, ill-intentioned, people also managed to use the tech for their evil purposes. One of the major concerns of drones is the tendency for spying and violation of privacy.

Moreover, it can be used to record Personal Identification Numbers or even serve as a lookout for burglars. In fact, a surge of up to 352 percent in just one year was reported in the UK for drone intrusions. And more alarmingly, the terror threat of easily being able to drop explosives carried by drones are worth taking seriously.

When our safety is at stake, certain measures should be prioritized. Therefore, preparation, like making use of the drone jammer gun, is really a key for preventing disastrous mishaps from happening.


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