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‘Stranger Things’ 2 Producers Turned to ‘Game of Thrones’ for Tips Against Spoiler Leaks

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'Stranger Things' 2 Producers Turned to Game of Thrones Producers for Tips Against Spoiler Leaks
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With great popularity comes great vulnerability to spoilers being leaked. In order to keep things safe and sound, the producers of Stranger Things 2 admits they upped the game by consulting with producers of Game of Thrones on how to avoid leaking the story.

Secrecy Around Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things and Game of Thrones are both some of the biggest TV shows of today. But since the Netflix series was a surprise hit, they actually did not have a burden with its plot during Season 1. The 1980s-set sci-fi series’ executive producer Shawn Levy said they have “no security protocols” in the last season.

But, things are remarkably different now. With that, Levy admits they “literally consulted” with no other than the Game of Thrones producers to “learn security protocols.” Of course, whatever they learned will be kept a secret in order for people not be able to crack them.

Levy says they “protect every story point” and “every page of every script.” Even co-creator Ross Duffer no longer throws away her sides in case someone sees them. Therefore, all of them have “to be burnt.”

But it is not just the crew, the cast is also cloaked in secrecy. Millie Brown, who plays the psychokinetic girl Eleven, reveals they have code names for the show and the characters. She says it is “a weird thing” where their names are across it on the call sheets.

That would really be needed as fans are indeed looking forward to the new “kinds of horror” promised by co-creator Matt Duffer in Stranger Things 2. The upcoming season will be set a year after Season 1, which makes it into the 1984 Halloween in the fictional town Hawkins, Indiana.

Millie Brown Signed by IMG

The 12-year-old actress has been under the radar in the fashion world especially after her attention-grabbing portrayal of Eleven. She has been part of Calvin Klein’s revamped campaign and she has also met Louis Vuitton’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière.

Now, Millie is reportedly signed by IMG, one of the world’s most prestigious modeling agencies, to join their talent board. This means she will be working alongside Karlie Kloss and Hadid sisters Gigi and Bella. But because she is still too young to walk the runaway, Millie will most likely be seen in print ads and commercials.

In the meantime, many are looking forward to knowing the fate of Millie’s Eleven in Stranger Things 2 where she is believed to be dead. But there should be no worries as Eleven will definitely be back as her backstory will be explored more according to Millie herself.


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