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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 9 Spoilers: 3 Major Happenings in ‘Rock in the Road’

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Episode 9 Spoilers: 3 Major Happenings in 'Rock in the Road'
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The long wait is over and just like what was promised, The Walking Dead Season 7 is back with more energy and fun than its first half. Spoilers for Episode 9 showed Rick immediately moving to gather the communities to stand a chance against the Saviors.

The first episode of the second half of The Walking Dead titled Rock in the Road lets viewers and the characters explore the world’s geographic ends. They went to the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and a mysterious boathouse.

Rocky Road to an Alliance

The brooding Rick of the first half of TWD is left on the midseason finale as the old Rick we knew is slowly coming back. Like a diplomat, Alexandria’s leader is now making his move to persuade other communities to join in the alliance because they need the numbers.

While Gregory’s expected cowardice won in the end, the little fighter Enid has managed to gather up some crowds that are willing to fight from the Hilltop. A slightly encouraged Jesus then decides to finally let Rick’s group know the existence of the Kingdom.

In another reunion, with Morgan this time, he has been filled in by Rosita about the people they lost because of Negan. However, despite being “real sorry they’re gone,” Morgan did not really lend a hand in convincing Ezekiel to join the war.

Daryl, who escaped from the Sanctuary in The Walking Dead Season 7 midseason finale, is offered asylum in the Kingdom while Ezekiel decides to maintain the peace with the Saviors. As Daryl reluctantly stays behind, we also got a short visit to Carol.

Clotheslining Zombies

For the war in preparation, the Alexandrians know weapons are needed. Despite the danger, they decided to steal some explosives after encountering a roadblock which is the Saviors’ blockade against herds.

But when Rosita disarms the explosives thanks to her military background, a herd of zombies comes their way. A visually thrilling sequence then ensued while the Rick-Michonne duo clotheslined and decapitated at least a hundred of zombies with a steel cable between two vehicles. Of course, our guys miraculously escaped once again.

Strangers in the Boat

The Alexandrians were then grimly welcomed with someone’s disappearance with their supplies of food and weapons stolen. An unbelieving Rick spots the bible left behind by Gabriel with a hastily-written word: “Boat.”

Deducing the priest meant the boathouse they visited near the end of Season 7A, the group set off to the site. They were then quickly surrounded by a large group of armed people. In a strange moment, Rick smiles; perhaps knowing he has already found the army he needs for the all-out war in The Walking Dead Season 7.


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