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‘Stranger Things’ 2 Teaser Photo Hints Traumatized Will After Upside Down

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'Stranger Things' 2 Teaser Photo Hints Traumatized Will After Upside Down

New photos of Stranger Things 2 gave a glimpse of what to expect when the show returns a couple of months from now. While we absolutely want to witness more from the life of the kids in Hawkins, the show’s creators reveal how long (or short) they plan to extend the story of the hit Netflix series.

Information about the plot and characters of the second season of Stranger Things are heavily guarded by the cast and crew. In fact, they even asked tips from another hit TV series, Game of Thrones, on how to keep spoilers from leaking to the public.

With that, it seems really hard to know details about the ‘80s sci-fi web TV series that they do not want viewers to know about. Fortunately, there are little glimpses and bits of information being shared as we wait for its return this Halloween.

Will Adjusts to the Post-Upside Down Life

One of the characters that many viewers are interested in is Will Byers who has just returned to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana at the end of the first season. A peek on Stranger Things 2’s plot tells Will’s mother, Joyce, is doing her best to give normalcy to the boy’s life.

However, the recently released teaser photos prove he is no longer the boy he once was. Joyce can be seen gripping Will in the photo which implies the post-traumatic stress disorder that Will is experiencing after being in the alternate universe called Upside Down for a long period.

The screenshot also showed us the new character Max on the background who reportedly has a complicated and suspicious past along with her sibling Billy. Meanwhile, Things co-creator Matt Duffer previously hinted a borrowing of Stephen King’s creation of great human villains for a certain character.

How Long Will the Story Go?

Popular shows usually last quite long. With Stranger Things’ viewership success, the series is expected to last a couple seasons more. In response, its creators, Duffer Brothers, confessed their views on how long the story should go.

Ross and Matt Duffer told Entertainment Weekly that even when there are changes as they move forward, what they want to make sure is to give the story a “finite ending.” Matt adds they do not want it to run out of gas like other shows.

“You want to end when you’re on top,” Matt says. When it comes to how many seasons there probably would be, they project around four to five.

As for Stranger Things 2, it will be like the first season which felt like a long movie that leaves viewers “fully satisfied” with a conclusion. At the same time, the Duffer Brothers have also “laid the groundwork for further seasons.”


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