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Triton Is a New Device That Could Power OneThird of the U.S. Using Energy From Waves

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Triton Is a New Device That Could Power a Third of the U.S. Using Energy From Waves
PHOTOGRAPH: Hans/Pixabay | Triton can generate power through waves.

You may know Triton as the mythological Greek god and messenger of the sea. But he will later on, if all trials succeed, be known as a powerful technology that would give energy to about 15 percent of the world’s global power need.

Capturing Ocean’s Power

The ocean comprises 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. With the seas covering the planet’s majority, it is daunting how we still have not reached the entirety of it. Aside from its magnificent vastness and depth, the ocean’s power is simply undeniable.

That is why researchers from Oscilla Power, a US-based renewable energy company, have thought about harnessing the ocean’s power through a new device called Triton. The floatable apparatus consists of a series of generators to rein in as much energy as it can.

There will be no moving parts in the device as the strong waves would undoubtedly knock it everywhere. To prevent it from floating anywhere, it will be kept in place using underwater cables.

Electricity is generated when an alternating magnetic polarity is produced in the metal as the waves interact with the device. More energy is generated when the waves are stronger. Therefore it is really equipped to brave the strong water current.

Vast Source for Sustainable Energy

There are over 332,519,000 cubic miles, or 1,385,999,652.41 cubic kilometers, of ocean water on Earth with a lot of energy moving around just waiting to be used and generated. If the team of researchers is successful in their design, a lot of electricity power can be produced from the device.

According to projections, it could power up a third of America’s electricity need and 15 percent of the worldwide energy demand. For a clearer demonstration, the researchers explained one device can generate up to 600kW of energy.

One average household in the US typically consumes 911kWh in each month. That is equivalent to 1.26kW of power. This means one unit of the device could give power to 500 homes.

The move for using and finding renewable energy has positively increased as more and more people become aware of the dangers that fossil fuels bring to our environment. Through generating energy from natural sources like the sun, wind, and water, we get more power with at lesser cost to our pockets and nature.

Triton, as of now, is being tested in small-scale trials before it is brought in the middle of the ocean to face the waters. Hopefully, it could withstand the currents and bring to life the visions of its researchers to be widely used globally.


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