Science Says You Should Wipe Others People’s Armpit Sweat to Stop Body Odor Through Bacteria Transplant

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Science Says You Should Wipe Others People's Armpit Sweat to Stop Body Odor Through Bacteria Transplant
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Our smell, especially after a sweaty day, usually makes us super self-conscious. If you are looking for a way to stop body odor, a recent study suggests this quite gross way of using other people’s armpit bacteria to treat your very own smell.

Bizarre Bacteria Transplant

Sometimes, our own pungent aroma is enough to gross us out; what more if it is from other people? Even ickier is that you should wipe their sweat onto your armpits, according to a research from the University of California, San Diego, to reduce the effect of body odor (BO). This process actually has a name and it is called “bacteria transplant.”

Basically, the idea of treating stinky body odor is through balancing things out in your armpits with the use of another person’s not so smelly bacteria.  With the alternative bacteria, your very own smell could be programmed to whiff nicer.

Chris Callewaert, a postdoctoral researcher at UCSD, led the study by conducting the experiment with twin brothers. One brother suffers terrible BO while the other one does not smell as much.

In order to collect a lot of bacteria, the fine-smelling brother was told not to take a bath for four days. Meanwhile, the smelly one washed more frequently with antibacterial soap to be squeaky clean and bacteria-susceptible.

When all the preparations are done, Callewaert got down to business and rubbed the bacteria from the twin without BO to the twin that has body odor. They were able to observe, and sniff, that the twin who had a strong BO stopped smelling funky. Moreover, Callewaert reportedly said that the effects lasted for over a year already.

Other Alternatives to Stop Body Odor

It is fine if you are not yet, or will never be, prepared to the idea of bacteria transplant. Everybody sweats and smells at some point every day, while some do more than the others, and it is completely normal. There are simple ways of lessening the chance of smelling like the following:

  • Eating a lot of vegetables
  • Using a good deodorant
  • Avoiding clothes from synthetic material
  • Reducing intake of spicy foods
  • Keeping your armpits clean and dry

But really, there is no need to stress out about your own unique aroma. Sweating is our body’s way of cooling down and doing the necessary processes of maintaining salinity in our body.

With over 4 million sweat glands everywhere in our body (except for our lips), sweating – and therefore – smelling is inevitable. Just remember to keep yourself clean and that would, more or less, be enough to stop body odor.


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