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Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Build a Global Community With Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Build a Global Community With Facebook
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Facebook’s unofficial mission statement may have just been updated with Mark Zuckerberg’s lengthy letter about a series of changes to come on the social networking site. One of the latest updates we get, meanwhile, would send many users to update their profiles as soon as possible.

A Global Community

The 32-year-old co-founder of what is arguably the biggest social media platform in the world addressed some issues that we are facing today, not only when it comes to the Facebook community but to the world as well. Facebook has become so much more than a place to connect with family and friends, that the election has highlighted how the platform can hugely impact the people’s views and opinions.

Zuckerberg reflects on where the platform is headed and if we are “building the world we all want.” Through their foundation in the past decade of focusing on connecting friends and family, Mark Zuckerberg says the next focal point would be to develop the “social infrastructure for the community.”

Mistakes of the past were also touched by the Facebook’s CEO especially when it comes to the “fake news” that proliferated in the social media during the election. He says they review “over one hundred million pieces of content every month” yet even when they get 99 percent of it right, there would still be “millions of errors over time.”

Mark Zuckerberg admits every system makes a mistake. However, the philanthropist says he believes we, collectively, “can do better than we are today.”

Facebook Turning Into LinkedIn?

Meanwhile, a new Facebook feature has been added to the platform that would make you think twice of posting very candidly. The social media network recently announced that the U.S. and Canada employers can now post open company positions.

Job seekers will be able to see available listings on the company’s page or in the new bookmark called Jobs. Facebook’s VP of Business and Platform says in Facebook’s statement release that they are thrilled to see how “people use this simple tool to get the job they want” and “for businesses to get the help they need.”

On one hand, this is a convenient feature since most employers are already known to look at an applicant’s profile to check a little about the person. Sending a message to the employer would also be faster through a direct message which paves way for an accommodating communication.

But on the other hand, Facebook is a site for socializing, and mixing it with one’s professional life would be quite limiting for people. We have been warned multiple times to think twice about what we post on social media, but this update would make us think a couple of times more.

Still, the new feature is in its earlier stages. Only time will tell on how Facebook will fit in the job-seeking marketplace.

Ultimately, there are indeed a lot of changes underway. Mark Zuckerberg may have released a statement for Facebook to take action, but we, as users, are also a part of this community and we are just as responsible if we really do want to see some change.


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