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Sleep Trackers Designed for Blissful Slumber Arrive in the Marketplace

Sleep Trackers Designed for Blissful Slumber Arrive in the Marketplace
PHOTOGRAPH: Hernan Sanchez | Photo shows a sleeping lady.

Sleep deprived? There is no need to worry. There are tons of innovations and natural remedies showcased at the recent CES 2017 event that can come to the rescue.

Trade exhibitions like the recent CES 2017, a global consumer electronics and consumer technology show held in Las Vegas, Nevada offered a glimpse at the numerous innovations that can help people possibly sleep better.   The sleep trackers range from simple to state-of-the-art.

From a light-emitting device called Good Vibes emits a gentle that can guide a person to sleep, to a headband-like innovation with music called SleepPhones, to sleepwear garments made of bioceramic materials with Far Infrared properties, the show was a real eye-opener.

Why People Lose Sleep, Overlooking the Health Impact

The benefits of restful sleep cannot be stressed enough.  Sleep experts and doctors often advise people to get enough shuteye, but modern lifestyles and commitments often prompt individuals to forsake much-needed sleep.

The health impact of lack of shuteye is often overlooked. Recent studies have noted that not getting enough sleep may throw your gut bacteria out of balance.

Insufficient shuteye also tends to aggravate stress and increase the risk of coronary problems, apart from creating changes in your metabolism. Chronic sleep deprivation has also been linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and depression.

Digital Devices Offer Upside and Downside

The modern era has brought to the market a proliferation of devices, many of which have been linked to sleep disruption. Several studies have cited how screens on cell phones, computers, tablets and television that emit blue light tend to stimulate a person’s system and keep that individual awake. In the evening,  such light can throw the body’s biological clock (the circadian rhythm) out of whack, making sleep suffer.

Ironically, blissful sleep may be facilitated by a handful of new-generation mobile apps, or so their makers say. An example is the so-called “smart device” dubbed 2breathe sleep coach. A recipient of the CES 2017 Innovation Award, 2breathe can transform the user’s breathing, gradually guiding the person to prolonged exhalation and slow breathing.

Natural Sleep Solutions

Amidst all the new sleep-enhancing digital devices that are now within reach of individuals with funds to spare, many people still opt for tried-and-tested natural methods to drift off into dreamland. The right bed, a super comfortable pillow, a cool bedroom, a relaxing hot bath before hitting the sack (and no caffeine and alcohol that may stand in the way of a restful and continuous good night’s sleep) may be all that some people need to quickly fall asleep and wake up refreshed.


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