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‘The Walking Dead’ Comics Spoilers: How Negan Apologizes to Rick for Killing Glenn in His Bizarre Way

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'The Walking Dead' Comics Spoilers: How Negan Apologizes to Rick for Killing Glenn in His Bizarre Way
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The latest issue of The Walking Dead comics, where the hit AMC series is based from, shows Negan reflecting on his actions for killing Glenn in a quite bizarre way. It might not be the most conventional apology, but the comic book Negan has shown he may have repented for his actions in one way or another.

Negan Apologizes to Rick – Somehow

Before continuing, please be reminded that there will be spoilers from the comic books ahead that may be adapted to the TV series in future seasons. Read at your own risk.

The Walking Dead, which is now on its #164  issue, sees Negan and Rick alone together in a house as they were surrounded by Walkers. With the unwelcome alone time, Negan finds himself opening up a little to the Alexandrian leader.

Using a really strong language, Negan tells Rick how he “lost all respect for the human race.” He says it is all because of being surrounded with “weak” people that are “crying” and getting “themselves killed.”

With that, he references Glenn, although not by name, and says what made it easy “to bash a man’s brain” is thinking that it is the only way to save his friends – through being “tricked into living as if they’re slaves.” It is worth noting that in The Walking Dead comics, Negan only killed Glenn and not Abraham as he was already dead by that time.

A speechless Rick only stares at the man while he continues by saying that he knows what he did was brutal and he is not making excuses. At the same time, he admits Rick made him “see another way.”

Negan confesses that is the reason why he sat in Rick’s cell, delivered him the Alpha’s head and saved his life. While the two are not yet or might never be buddies, they, later on, found themselves working together to get out of the mess they are in.

Show’s Move Away From Comics

The first episode of The Walking Dead Season 7’s second half brought joy to many fans of the show who were disappointed with the first half’s depressing and sluggish pace. Before the episode ended, it also showed a group that might have confused comic book fans.

Rick and the rest of the group found themselves surrounded with a new and heavily-armed faction that we were not yet introduced before. Quite bizarrely, the Alexandrian leader was seen smiling despite being clearly outnumbered and overpowered.

These characters are not in The Walking Dead comics, therefore, many are actually thrilled that the show chose to add a new and surprising element to the story. As promised by showrunner Scott M. Gimple, a “cool turn of the story” will await fans in the upcoming episode.


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