Neil Gaiman’s `Norse Mythology’ Out in the Market, Sequel to `Neverwhere’ Up Next

Neil Gaiman’s `Norse Mythology’ Out in the Market, Sequel to `Neverwhere’ Up Next
PHOTOGRAPH: Manfred Werner | Photo shows Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman during an interview before a concert at the Arena in Vienna, Austria a few years ago.

The latest book of English sci-fi and fantasy writer Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology, is now available in bookstores. He also disclosed that he has written a number of chapters of the next one, a sequel to Neverwhere called The Seven Sisters.

Readers cannot seem to get enough of the British writer who has been breathing life to old characters even when he penned titles for DC Comics (Gaiman’s work on Sandman resulted in a non-fiction book that referred to him as the Dream King). His book, Norse Mythology is a collection of Norse myths, particularly characters we are familiar with: Odin, Thor, Loki, and several others.

Some individuals may think everything under the sun had been written about those gods – and Gaiman would prove them wrong. With dialogue and characterization, he brings them to life on the printed page.

A Prolific Author

The Stardust author revealed that he begged off from public engagements last year to finish the book. With time on his hands, he has made some headway on his other book called The Seven Sisters.

The upcoming book got its title from a spot in London. The singular spot features seven elm trees in a circle – an indication that it may have been the site of pagan rituals dating back to Roman times.

Neil commented on the original concept for Neverwhere, almost 25 years ago: “What attracted us was the idea that we could talk about the homeless…the dispossessed… in a way that was exciting and fun and interesting and also relevant.” In writing a sequel, the Hugo Award winner credited his work with the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and changes in London over the past 20 years.

As if the books were not enough, adaptations of Neil’s earlier works have been made. He wrote a six-part series of Good Omens, while the TV series American Gods premieres in April.

Advice from Stephen King

There is a new hardcover out – an omnibus containing both American Gods and Anansi Boys. The Sandman collections remain in print at any bookshop. With all the books and awards garnered, the question that pops up is whether the Dream King missed out on anything or if he had any regrets in life.

He recalled a book-signing event in 1992, which Stephen King attended.  King, the world’s bestselling author of all time, gave unsolicited advice: “you know, you’ve got to enjoy this. This is magic. You do a signing and hundreds come. You’re one of the most beloved comics writers in the world. Enjoy it.”

Gaiman stated that he never did learn to enjoy because he kept on worrying that it would all go away. It was not until he was 48 and met his wife, American singer-songwriter, Amanda Palmer, that he learned to try to do things he liked, meet people he liked, eat the things he liked.


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