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New Oven Using Radio Frequency Touted to Transcend the Hazards of Regular Microwave Oven

New Oven Using Radio Frequency Touted to Transcend the Hazards of Regular Microwave Oven
PHOTOGRAPH: New Enterprise Associates | The RF oven from Goji Food Solutions can cook a fish frozen inside a block of ice.

The cooking method of the future is nearly upon us. An oven using solid state radio frequency (RF) offers a modern but safer and healthier way of cooking.

Israeli startup company Goji Food Solutions holds a number of United States patents for methods and devices. The RF oven it plans to make available later this year will truly help you cook a full meal.

The entry-market price may be equivalent to the cost of  a high-end conventional oven, running up to $5,000 or more, but it offers many things. The RF oven emits wave energy that makes it possible – and faster – to simultaneously treat different foods in different ways.

By means of amplifiers sending individual radio beams, the device can cook vegetables with one beam, meat with another, and still bake bread. The machine can even cook salmon without first thawing it.

Sensors detect each food and correspondingly adjust frequency, phase, and aptitude of the radio waves. Goji president Yuval Ben-Haim summed up the product’s key strength: “The process allows us to make adjustments…the method results in tastier and healthier food by cooking it more evenly.”

Healthier means retaining more nutrients and moisture – because of the rapid and precise cooking. Strangely enough, the invention originated in the mid-2000s, when researchers were looking to preserve transplant organs. They found that radio waves are able to defrost frozen tissue evenly – and applied the knowledge to a more domestic use.

Why a Radio Frequency Oven is Cause for Rejoicing

For over 30 years, the microwave oven has been a wonderful convenience for people on the move and very busy workers. Largely ignored, however, are the harmful effects the little appliance can cause to one’s health.

First, microwaving entails cooking at high temperatures in a short time. This inevitably results in nutrient loss for a variety of food, but particularly vegetables. Second, microwave uses a form of radiation, creating fears among consumers that it may cause accumulative harm to the body.

One study by Dr. Hans Hertel found that microwaved foods tend to decrease in HDL cholesterol, reduced red blood cell count, and fewer white blood cells. Hertel’s study, however, has not yet been replicated, thus confirmation is pending on microwave cooking being indeed a cause of variegated harm.

Finally, microwavable foods come in packaging that contains chemicals such as benzene, toluene, polyethylene terpthalate (PET), xylene and dioxins (carcinogens). Imagine such chemicals contaminating the food in the process of microwaving. BPA is another packaging contaminant that could disrupt normal hormone activity, cause infertility, low-libido, cardiac disease, mental disorders, allergies, high blood pressure, and weight gain.

Nevertheless, individual consumers and restaurants may find great use for the new radio-frequency oven that has been made available. Indeed, the fast-paced era calls for fast cooking without eliminating nutrients.


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