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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: This Is Why Daryl Lied to Carol, Norman Reedus Reveals

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7: This Is Why Daryl Lied to Carol, Says Norman Reedus
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A reunion tainted with a lie might make a long-forged friendship brittle in The Walking Dead Season 7. As viewers are frustrated at what Daryl did, Norman Reedus explains the reason behind his move.

The Walking Dead Season 7: Big White Lie

Richard had a ludicrous plan to make King Ezekiel join in on Rick and the group’s quest to fight Negan through framing Carol for killing Saviors which will undoubtedly leave her dead. He also made a huge mistake (or the right person from our perspective) on who he recruited for his scheme: Daryl.

Of course, Richard ended with a busted face while the incident led to Carol and Daryl’s long-awaited reunion. Many viewers are curious to know how Carol will react when she discovers what happened to Glenn and Abraham, but Daryl lied to her by saying everything is fine in Alexandria and Negan did not hurt anybody.

Norman Reedus, the actor playing Daryl, shares to Entertainment Weekly the reason behind the lie. According to the 48-year-old actor, it was a “very selfless act” for Daryl and he did it for her sake.

Norman says Daryl only said what Carol needed to hear because he realizes she is “going through her own thing” which is why she separated from the group in the first place. But it is not just because she could not handle it. Norman says Carol absolutely can.

However, it is “just not what she needs.” Everyone in this season has been going through so much self-discovery that Daryl, says Norman, does not want to drag her into something she does not want to be a part of.

Norman Reedus Wants To Be With the Tiger Shiva

Meanwhile, the Blade II actor also shares more details about his character from Daryl’s decision to leave the Kingdom to his eagerness to have a furry friend. He also talked about reuniting with the actress behind Carol, Melissa McBride, off-screen.

For a show that has been on-going for years now, friendships off the screen are definitely created. Norman says it is a “hard” and “bittersweet reunion” as they missed filming with each other and it is “bizarre” when they are not filming together.

As for the Kingdom, Daryl knew it is the safest place to be but he just will not sacrifice Carol in order to stay. And when he punched Richard about 50 times in full during filming, he, among other reasons, knew he had to leave.

Moreover, Norman shares Daryl is loyal and that is only for one group. He just had enough of staying behind too much. And as for where his character is headed, Norman says he is ready to get this over with and “get rid of these bad guys.”

Also, finally, there is now furry animal on the show in the form of Shiva and Norman has long requested for his character to have an animal in the show. Norman confesses how thrilled he got by asking for a moment with the tiger, asking if the tiger will like him, or if they can be friends.

If he had his own way, he says the tiger would be his love interest and they will “walk off into the sunset and come back with kittens.” He has also prepared a ship name “Shivaryl.” Well, if that happens, we would surely be excited to see that on The Walking Dead Season 7.


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