Mark Zuckerberg Just Took Philanthropy To the Next Level: A Disease-Free World by 2100

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World Will Be Disease-Free by 2100, Mark Zuckerberg Believes
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It is an ambitious plan, but Mark Zuckerberg believes we will cure most of the world’s diseases by 2100. Through his and his wife’s organization, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, various programs and research centers are supported by their work to a revolutionary healthcare.

For Our Children’s Lifetime

The Facebook CEO is positive on the trajectory of where the world’s medical field is going. In a Facebook post, he shares an update about their initiative’s science board along with a photo.

Zuckerberg says they had a “good discussion” with the top scientists from the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative about how they can help solve the world’s biggest problems when it comes to cell biology, data sharing, neuroscience and more. He also reiterates their goal of curing diseases in “our children’s lifetime.”

The 32-year-old programmer and entrepreneur declare human’s life expectancy has increased up to one-fourth for each year. If this upward course continues, the average life expectancy would be “100 by the end of this century.”

This implies many of the world’s diseases preventing humans to reach that age will be treated. And since “science and technology accelerates,” Zuckerberg believes we can do even better.

Healthcare Initiative

After the birth of Mark and Priscilla Chan’s daughter, Max, the couple had announced their pledge to donate $45 billion to their organization Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative in the course of their lives. This initiative will focus on “advancing human potential” especially in the areas education, energy, health and scientific research.

Ending the world’s diseases is focused on the science program called the Chan-Zuckerberg Science where $3 billion is invested for over 10 years. A portion of this amount, specifically $600 million, will go to BioHub.

There will be two formative projects on this research center. One is called the Infectious Disease Initiative to fight health threats faced by the world – like the Zika, Ebola, and HIV virus – through medications, vaccines, and diagnostic tests.

The other one is called Cell Atlas. This program will spotlight on the mapping of human cells to easily examine them and their response to treatments. Human cell mapping would give a breakdown of cells in exceptional details that will be used to analyze what happens to a cell when a disease attacks.

This is going to be the program’s most promising and ambitious project as great potential comes with this in-depth look at our body’s cells. An enormous amount of research are needed but continued effort and support from Mark Zuckerberg and his organization would eventually lead us to a disease-free world brick by brick.


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