Priscilla Presley Confirms Her Granddaughters Are With Her Amidst Lisa Marie’s Legal Battle With Ex

Priscilla Presley Confirms Her Granddaughters Are With Her, Amidst Lisa Marie’s Legal Battle With Ex
PHOTOGRAPH: Lisa Marie Presley | Photo shows Lisa Marie Presley with her mother.

Priscilla Presley, 71, has confirmed that she is caring for Finley and Harper, the children of her daughter, Lisa Marie. The arrangement is an offshoot of the kids’ father facing charges of child abuse and neglect, as filed by Lisa Marie Presley.

Guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood, 55, and Lisa Marie, 49, tied the knot on Jan. 22, 2006 in Kyoto, Japan. Lisa Marie filed for divorce in June 2016, citing irreconcilable differences.

She filed for full custody of the children, with monitored visits by the kids’ father. In addition to divorce papers, Presley submitted documents alleging that Lockwood abused and neglected their twin girls.

It Looks Bad for Michael

The Beverley Hills Police seized several items at an undisclosed residence after responding to a complaint of child abuse when Lockwood and Presley were visiting the area. Electronic devices were found to contain hundreds of inappropriate photos of children. Lisa Marie said that she was “shocked and horrified” and the circumstance made her “sick” to her stomach.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation stated that an investigation is ongoing. It can be noted that a similar incident on possession of inappropriate material depicting children involved the professional basketball player, Chris Andersen. His hard drive was seized, but he was eventually cleared.

Online support for Priscilla

For her part, Priscilla has posted photos of the twins on a leading social media site, confirming that the kids are with her. She cleared the confusion and concern that emanated from talks that the girls have been placed in foster care. In turn, she received a number of supportive comments.

On Facebook, Priscilla received an outpouring of support from followers for standing by the twins’ mom, who was called a wonderful person and mother. Many wrote that they are praying for the family and expressed hope that the nightmare would end soon for all concerned. Other expressed concern about the trauma the twins may possibly suffer from all the negative developments in their lives.

From The Frying Pan Into the Fire

It is not the first time that Lisa Marie has been in a turbulent relationship. She had married the late Michael Jackson in a secret ceremony in 1994, a marriage that her mother was totally against.  Jackson maintained a friendship with American nurse Debbie Rowe while he was married to Lisa Marie, and though still married to the latter, the legendary singer impregnated Rowe.

Just like the union with Lockwood, the Jackson-Presley match was short-lived.   With wedded bliss once again dissipating into thin air for the daughter of The King, who else indeed would she turn to except her dearest mother.


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