This Puppy With Underdeveloped Two Front Legs Bravely Survives Challenges Thrown His Way

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Puppies are small creatures that bring big joys to our lives. A story about how a little furry warrior gains strength with the help of his human foster parents is heart-warming, which only proves the two-way relationship between two kinds.

Tiny Furry Survivor

Nubby, a white boxer, was born without two front paws. The little pup could not reach his mother as his siblings could easily push him away while they are trying to feed. At only four hours old, the veterinarian suggested Nubby be euthanized as the pup could only perish with his condition.

Thankfully, Nubby was brought home by Lou Robinson who is the founder of Warriors Educate About Rescue and a long-time animal rescuer in Houston, Texas. Lou, with her husband Mark, does their best in learning more on how to keep Nubby alive with his special condition.

They have learned how to feed the pup properly, and they were glad to see Nubby thriving to survive. However, another challenge surfaced as they saw the tiny pooch blowing milk bubbles from his nose at three weeks old.

The couple found out the three-pound pup has an esophageal abnormality wherein Nubby has a “pocket form in his esophagus that was trapping his milk” according to Lou. Nubby is given medication and is, once again, seen fighting to live.

As of now, the doctors cannot do further tests on Nubby as he is too small so they could not figure out yet if the abnormality is severe or permanent. But the Robinsons says as long as Nubby fights and has a chance at “quality of life,” they will also fight to “give him that chance.”

Posted by Nubby Bowlin on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dogs are Good for Humans

Our puppies rely on us for almost everything they need, but our pets do not just take. While they cannot offer material things, the man’s best friend can offer a lot more that money cannot buy.

Various scientific studies suggest dogs have a huge benefit to our health. For instance, that long staring contest we do to our dogs actually increases the release of oxytocin, our brain’s “cuddle chemical,” both to us and our dogs.

Moreover, therapy dogs (and other animals as well like rabbits and goats) are known to be good for a person’s serotonin levels especially since they relieve stress and isolation. With that, our pets help in avoiding the development of depression. Additionally, regular exercises and bonding with our pets can improve our immune system and lower the risk of high blood pressure.

But above all these beneficial health reasons, dogs and puppies are families. The relationship and bond we build with them are irreplaceable and they only deserve all the love and care we, as their guardians, can give.


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