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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Get to Know New Character Jadis Through the Actress Pollyanna McIntosh

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Get to Know New Character Jadis Through the Actress Pollyanna McIntosh
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The latest episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 introduced to us a new character as an echo of the episode’s title New Best Friends. But is the new community really a friend or foe?

When Rick’s group was surrounded by an armed faction, viewers are left with a mix of fear and thrill as to who this new community might be. We know Rick needed the number to overthrow Negan, and his smile at the bizarre situation arguably confirmed how the Alexandrian leader knows he has found his people.

However, we are still yet to know this new junkyard faction’s leader, Jadis, who is unlike any character we have known before. Fortunately, the actress, Pollyanna McIntosh, playing the unique leader shares some insights behind her character.

One-of-a-Kind Junkyard Group

One of the words to describe Jadis would be eccentric. From her style to the way she talks, her weirdness is undoubtedly a neck-turner in The Walking Dead Season 7.

Pollyanna explains Jadis as a character is so “direct.” For Jadis, everything has a function and nothing should be wasted – especially not time. That is why she talks the way she does as there is “no waste with her language either.”

Something about the group sets them apart from the others, and these people are aware of that which “gives us a bit of weird, intimidation separation from the others,” says Pollyanna. She adds even when she is playing her character, he could feel Rick questioning why she acts that way. But it is a tool that Jadis uses to keep a distance and maintain intimidation for newcomers.

Over-All Package

Remember when many of us are not sure of the new character’s gender by only seeing the person’s back? It seems it is actually because the character was written to either be a man or a woman. Pollyanna says it is something “very cool to see” as the production team is being so “open-minded.”

Later on, her physical appearance is nitpicked by some viewers as Jadis could still easily stand out from the zombie-apocalyptic world. The way she looks, especially her hair, was ridiculed by some online. She has even seen comments about how “awful” her hairstyle and bangs is.

However, the hairdo from a previous job helped her get into the character of Jadis who she wants to be “kind of a little edgy” and a “little outsider looking.” The costume, meanwhile, is “very practical” while still having an “urban-fashionista” vibe.

As we get to know this new quirky and resourceful community, the hope for our remaining survivors to find the help they need blossoms. Along with that is the optimism for strengthening forged friendships of both the new and old in The Walking Dead Season 7.


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