Adoptive Mother of Gymnast Simone Biles Opens Her Heart to God’s Ways

Adoptive Mother of Gymnast Simone Biles Opens Her Heart to God's Ways
PHOTOGRAPH: Simone Biles | Photo shows Simone Biles and her mother. She tweeted her mom “LOVE YOU – thanks for being the greatest mom!”

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that made you decide in favor of the best interest of another person rather than your own dreams? When Nellie thought about adopting her granddaughter Simone Biles when the girl was just six, she was not sure if it was the right decision.

One thing made all the difference: her faith in God. Nellie back then wanted to travel across the world, so taking on the responsibilities of raising a child made her think. She remembers crying about it, having a temper tantrum about it, and praying about it.

At that time, she felt that no one knew what her needs were, but she lifted her hands to God. Soon enough, God sent her a message she could not ignore.

While she was doing a lot of thinking about what would happen to her, she encountered a stranger who shared with her a similar personal circumstance. The stranger even mentioned the many things a child needed.

Nellie did not relate to the stranger what she herself was going through but knew deep inside that she was experiencing spiritual light.  Gradually, she was seeing in a clearer manner the important truths, and it all started happening when she asked God to enlighten her and let her see with her heart.

Realizing the Essential Things

Nellie realized she had the same issues with the stranger, who even gave her a piece of advice that made sense — the Lord is not going to give people anything they cannot handle. When Nellie went back home, she thanked God for sending someone to enlighten her.

Her case brings into focus the preoccupations of many people nowadays — earning and saving to acquire material things like a car, house, a grand vacation, and so on — not realizing that right before them is an abundance of blessings from God. They are able to breathe and have family around them, for instance.

The Giving Heart

Nellie clearly exhibited that she has a caring heart.  Her decision to care for two human beings who were not her flesh and blood brings to mind a Biblical passage, Corinthians 9:6 that said, “He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.”

Nellie eventually got to actualize her dream to travel to different countries, accompanying Simone wherever she competed. You see, Simone became an artistic gymnast who became part of the gold medal-winning team called the “Final Five” at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  She had also instilled in Simone that if she faces challenges or doubts, “leave them to God.”

By opening her heart completely — beginning when she embraced being an adoptive mother to Simone and her sister — Nellie reaped bountifully. God’s ways may run contrary to the world’s ways, but by trusting in Him, people will get the hundred fold return.

Things may not work the way you want them to at the moment, but in God’s own time they will. So strive to have a grateful and happy heart, which can lead to more positive things unraveling for you.

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