Twin Sisters Meet Cops Who Saved Them 2 Decades Ago

Twin Sisters Meet Cops Who Saved Them 2 Decades Ago
PHOTOGRAPH: Quirky Momma | Photo shows twin sisters Jennifer and Kourtney Woracek 20 years ago.

Ernest Hemingway once said, “As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary.” There are often lives that need to be saved, just like what happened one fateful day in January 1997, when two toddlers had their brush with death.

Tim Woracek  and his wife were shocked to discover, one snowy early morning, that their three-year-old twin daughters Kourtney and Jennifer, had wandered outside their house during the night in search for adventure.  The terror-stricken father called 911, and a police search for the two girls ensued.

The temperature in Omaha, Nebraska at that time was below zero, and a half-foot of snow had risen from the ground. The authorities spotted several footprints, and eventually found the girls.

Fortunately, the authorities found Kourtney and Jennifer in an alley, one on top of the other, suffering from severe frostbite and exposure to the elements.  Kourtney was on top of her frozen sister, Jennifer, and she was able to muster the strength to ask Sergeant Troy Kister to help her sister.

Another officer, Allen Wagner, wrapped his jacket around Jennifer, who had stopped breathing. He dashed towards his squad car clutching the unconscious girl, to get immediate medical intervention.

Paying Tribute to the Heroes

The girls fully recovered from the horrible incident.  Now, 20 years later, they set out to visit the policemen who found them and brought them to safety.  The Woracek family is very grateful for the combined efforts of the police officers and medical workers who played key roles in saving Jennifer and Kourtney’s lives.

When the ladies saw the quick-thinking police officers who manifested strong work ethic, they felt happy and reacted like they were seeing real friends from the past.   They then watched with their parents their own rescue

Good Cops, Bad Cops

Nowadays, citizens from different countries have varying sentiments and notions about cops. The police officers who saved Jennifer and Kourtney represent the hardworking, responsible breed of public servants who quickly respond to those who need their services, and go to great lengths — even extreme weather conditions — to carry out their jobs.

In America and other parts of the world, the sad reality is that there are police personnel who have shown that they do not possess the right temperament nor the right attitude to be part of the police profession. Many police officers also tend to be out of line.

In the case of the two police officers who helped save the lives of Jennifer and Kourtney Woracek, they are among the selfless types who show focus, gumption, and compassion. Police officers, of course, are only human and may falter during very trying situations. Some may be driven by associations residing outside conscious awareness that make them act in an unwarranted way, and there are also those who opt to use lethal force in a reckless way.


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