Here’s The One Thing That Would Help Solve High Sugar Intake

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Mycelium Would Solve High Sugar Intake by Blocking Bitter Taste of Foods
PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay | High sugar intake is really bad for one’s health.

The high sugar intake of people is undeniable since it has become a huge part of our every meal. To find a way in lessening the use of these sweet soluble carbohydrates, a company has found a way to block the bitter taste of food that is usually masked with sugar’s sweetness.

Dangers of Too Much Sugar

In the morning, we add sugar to our cup of tea or coffee. It is also present in pastries, bread, cakes, and cookies. When we do not sprinkle these sweet tiny grains, they are hidden in the sodas, ice creams, juices, gums and candies that we consume.

An average American consumes up to 22 teaspoons of sugar per day which accumulate to around 77 pounds a year – a number that is too high especially since our body is not made to take in a very high level of sugar. Consuming sugar, especially fructose (fruit sugar) could be a host of various threatening health problems.

Too much sugar could damage our liver, increase our body’s uric acid level, fail to stimulate our insulin, cause metabolic dysfunction and make us gain weight. Since many people are now more conscious when it comes to their health, sugar consumption has been added to the things we should keep an eye for.

Bitterness is Blocked, Not Masked

MycoTechnology, a young start-up from Colorado, created a “bitter blocker” to thwart the bitter taste of foods that companies try to mask by using sweeteners. This is going to be a remarkable alternative to keep a product’s taste while cutting down on sugar.

The approach is made possible with the use of mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus, which is deployed to the person’s bitter-detecting taste buds while they chew the food. The mycelium molecules would only stay on the tongue for 10 seconds before they are flushed away by the saliva.

Moreover, the fungi molecules are invisible and flavorless; thus people would not even notice its presence at all. Since it is a natural ingredient, it is also included in FDA’s approved ingredients.

MycoTechnology has already partnered with many food companies. Various yogurt businesses are already working with the startup, according to CEO and co-founder Alan Hahn. One of their radars also extends to the cranberry juice industry which uses too much sugar to make the tart juice taste more pleasantly.

The common causes of health issues like a very high sugar intake which is avoidable are finally addressed with simple, yet groundbreaking approaches. With this natural ingredient, it is proven that there are a lot of wonders that nature has to offer and we only have to figure out how to use them efficiently.


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