Salvation Is Everywhere: This Is How a Lost Woman Finds Jesus on the Streets

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At times when we feel alone, we should remember the Lord is always with us. Samantha, a woman who succumbed to addiction after losing the meaning of her life, finds Jesus on the streets with the gift of salvation.

A Life With No Purpose

Some say things always happen for a reason. However, it would be insensitive to tell that to people who got it worse. At a young age, Samantha had witnessed a horrible thing that could change her life forever which is a traumatic thing for such a young child to experience.

When Samantha was six years old, she witnessed her mother’s boyfriend shoot and kill her father. Samantha said at the time, the family died along with his father – she lost her childhood while her mother lost herself in drugs and alcohol.

With no family of her own, Samantha moved from one foster home to another which only deepened her struggle of self-identity and low self-esteem. She could not fit anywhere, and so she found a friend on painkillers after having a kidney problem.

In no time, she went to the streets for her next conquest: a heroin. The euphoric drug had been an escape of Samantha from the reality as she relished and looked for the feeling of exhilaration from it.

Some Things May Really Happen For A Reason

Eventually, she gave birth to three kids which she supported along with her vice through forging checks. Years have passed but the emptiness that Samantha felt did not go away. Instead, she felt even worse and had “lost the will to live” as her children took care of everything for her.

One day, she planned to end her life once and for all. Samantha sent her kids away while she left a rope in her garage to get back to when she was already alone. However, when she returned to the garage, she was disappointed to find out that the rope was no longer there.

A few days later, she was arrested for forgery. While in the cell, Samantha knew drug withdrawal would come for her so as she waited, she asked the guard for a book to read. When she was handed a Bible, Samantha said she was “disappointed” but continued to thumb through the pages.

How One Finds Jesus on the Streets

Surprisingly, as Samantha read the Bible, she found herself wanting to know more about Jesus. She knew she needed strength, and that Jesus could strengthen her. Samantha realized the miracle that happened to her since she did not experience withdrawal: she was instantly free of addiction.

Two years have passed and Samantha had finally completed her sentence. Renewed with her discovery of Jesus, she is ready to build another life for herself. Samantha reunites with her children and marries her husband Gilbert.

Now, Samantha is back to the streets; not for the same reasons but to offer hope to the people who are like the person she once was and help them find Jesus on the streets, too. Samantha says when it comes to God, there are “no limitations” when we totally surrender ourselves to Him.

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