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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: This Is Surprisingly How Eugene Reacts to New Life in the Sanctuary

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7: This Is Surprisingly How Eugene Reacts to New Life in the Sanctuary
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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead Season 7, we are brought back again to the bad guys’ lair: the Sanctuary. One character crosses to the other side while another stands hesitantly between the lines.

When The Walking Dead Season 7 returned for its second half, the first episodes were blissfully Negan-free. We are carried on pumping episodes as Rick looks for his army to take down the bad guy and his goons.

This time, we slow down the action a bit in Hostiles and Calamities as we head back to the Sanctuary a few days after Daryl has escaped. Meanwhile, hostage number 2, Eugene, is dragged to the confines of the chain-link fenced community.

Quick Metamorphosis of the Bogus Scientist

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Viewers might have seen it coming, but it would be a lie to say we were not even the slightest bit surprised on Eugene’s quick change of heart. If there is one thing that makes up the man, it is his priority of survival and it apparently won him over in the end.

We first met the guy armed with a lie of being an important scientist who worked with the Human Genome Project. Now he recycles the deceit to bear some significance in front of Negan.

While he may have cowered in front of the Savior’s leader, it appears he has quickly adapted to his newfound authority rather easily. Soon, he does not have any problem acquiring that bottle of pickles and proclaiming he is “100 percent Negan.” But does the fake scientist completely join the Saviors now or is it just part of his ploy to help Rick?

Inner Turmoil of Dwight

Another man of the hour is Dwight who appears to be experiencing an inner turmoil after fearing the potential wrath of Negan for letting Daryl escape. Moreover, one of Negan’s wives (and Dwight’s ex-wife) Sherry has escaped as well. Later, it was found she was the one who helped Daryl out.

There was also an emotional scene where Dwight read the letter left by his wife where they used to live. It might be a wake-up call for him to finally open his eyes to what the viewers have known all along – that he will betray his leader sooner or later.

Just like what Sherry narrates on her letter, Dwight has become “everything you didn’t want to be.” And he might just, once and for all, stand up and prove to her, wherever she may be, or even to his own self that he has not completely lost the man he was.

More characters are really reflecting on who they are and what they fight for in The Walking Dead Season 7. While some of them might have found something worth risking their lives for, others may find the kind of person they really are deep inside.


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