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If You Already Heard Some iPhone 8 Rumors, I Don’t Know How You’ll React To Its Price

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Rumors of iPhone 8 Features Reveal All-Glass and All-Curved Display for $1,000
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The anticipated 10th-anniversary smartphone of Apple will come with a hefty price tag according to rumors floating around. Of course, new and fascinating iPhone 8 features will expectedly come with the added dollars.

iPhone 8 Will Not Be Cheap

Apple has reclaimed their spot at the top of the smartphone market after lagging for the previous years. As many consumers were pleased with the features of the latest model, iPhone 7, the expectation for the 2017 iPhones only skyrocketed.

Rumors circulated that one model of the new signature iPhone will cost $1,000, a significant price jump from the current model which starts at the price of $649. The hole in the pocket, however, will be filled in with iPhone 8 features that are rumored to have an all-curved OLED display.

The stainless steel frame will make a comeback as well after it was replaced with aluminum frames since the iPhone 4. This old but new frame will purportedly be used to enclose the all-glass design of iPhone 8 which will give the upcoming phone a metal grade toughness.

Meanwhile, those who are not into larger iPhones will be pleased to anticipate the upcoming device will be closer to a 4.7-inch iPhone. Its battery capacity will be comparable to that of iPhone 7’s so there will be no need to have a bigger phone to have longer battery life.

Upgraded iPhone Features

iPhones having wireless charging is closer to reality, too. Hearsays about wireless charging for Apple smartphones have been circulating for a while now, but the speculations became even stronger now that Apple was reportedly added to the Wireless Power Consortium’s membership.

This consortium is responsible for developing the wireless charging standard called Qi. Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, also uses the same certification for their wireless charging pad.

Upgraded features are worth noting as well. iPhone 8 is reported to have the IP68 rating which means it can be submerged in water up to a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. The higher rating also means there will be greater resistance against dust, sand, and dirt for the phone.

The dual camera of iPhone 7 will remain in the new phone according to reports. Other sources also add a 3D-sensing technology which would mean the smartphone will be aware of its surroundings which would improve virtual reality and Google Maps on the phone, to name a few.

In the end, the iPhone 8 features mentioned are all just speculations and rumors from various reliable sources. If Apple keeps up with their tradition, we could expect the new iPhones to be released this September and only by then will we really know if the curved, ultra-thin, light, all-glass iPhone exists.


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