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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Josh McDermitt Shares He Was ‘Surprised’ at Eugene’s Arc

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Josh McDermitt Shares He Was 'Surprised' at Eugene's Arc
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When taken as a hostage to the Sanctuary, Eugene unexpectedly crossed over rather easily to his new community. Many questions are raised in The Walking Dead Season 7 and Josh McDermitt, the actor behind Eugene, shares some snippets about the fake scientist’s side of things.

Episode 11, Hostiles and Calamities, saw how Eugene quickly proclaimed, “I’m Negan.” Maybe he was blinded by his newfound authority in the Saviors and their pickles, or maybe he is just playing a ruse to gain the trust of the Saviors’ leader and help his former community and friends. To shed some light, McDermitt opens up to Entertainment Weekly about his character arc and that awkward reunion with Dwight.

Josh McDermitt Does Not Want to Know Either

As expected, McDermitt keeps his lips sealed as to whether Eugene has really gone to the dark side. He admits, however, that he has ideas but he just really does not “want to know.” Even when his co-stars ask him, like Andrew Lincoln (Rick), he says he answers the same.

He also shares that he told showrunner Scott Gimple not to tell him all the details yet because he knows he will “start playing that kind of direction and I don’t want to.” While reading the script of The Walking Dead Season 7, though, McDermitt says he was “surprised” and he “loved that.”

On the two sides of Eugene that we have been introduced to – the cocky and the timid – McDermitt admits his character has always been “very cocky and arrogant” who, at the same time, lacks the very basic “social cues.” At the end of the day, he is a man who had to “change and adapt to survive” even though that entails bringing up his “go-to lie” of being a scientist.

Speaking of the lie, Eugene once again spun the same tales as when we first met him. The 38-year-old actor shares Eugene is a “master liar” and a “master manipulator” so when he saw Negan losing confidence in him, he was just quick to “increase his value” which, fortunately for him, worked.

Of Behind-the-Scenes Laughs With Dwight

To call Dwight and Eugene’s meeting an awkward one is an understatement. McDermitt just joked of how he “bit down” on Dwight’s man parts before the guy even knew his name. Thankfully, Austin Amelio (Dwight) is “great” that McDermitt says they were “just laughing so hard at the awkwardness” of that moment.

But ultimately, Eugene is just “in hog heaven right now,” says McDermitt. With that, only time will tell on the truth behind the actions of Eugene in The Walking Dead Season 7.


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