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‘Once Upon a Time’ Stars Share the Dangers Emma and Regina Will Face in the Wish Realm

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'Once Upon a Time': Stars Share the Dangers Emma and Regina Will Face in the Wish Realm
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Emma and Regina are trapped in the Wish Realm of Once Upon A Time. Danger definitely lurks in the dimension created by the wish while stars Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison spill some threats their characters will face when the series returns.

Looking For A Way Out of the Wish Realm

The last episode of Once Upon A Time showed Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) being closed in on the faux-Enchanted Forest’s portal after a distracted Regina was affected by Robin. Even though the Robin Hood who appeared to rob them is different from the Robin Hood we know, his appearance still made a deep impact on Regina.

Lana shares to Entertainment Weekly how her character is “dominated by her emotions” most of the time. Seeing Robin Hood, meanwhile, really “shook her up.” Even though this is a different version of Robin, Lana admits Regina “has questions and she needs them answered.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer provided teasers about the dangers in the Wish Realm especially when there are people who are after them who think “Regina’s really the Evil Queen.” The two are facing dangers as “the entire kingdom,” especially the knighted Henry, is out to kill them.

Moreover, Regina will face a “whole different ball game” when Henry comes forward. At the end of the day, real or not, he is her son and she could never “fathom the thought of hurting him on any level” according to Lana.

Belle and Rumple’s Connection

Another story arc many fans are anticipating is the tale of Belle and Rumple. The show’s executive producers, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, answer the hope for the two to have some understanding now that they will work together.

The identity of the hooded figure is revealed to be Gideon, Belle and Rumple’s son, who is found to be stolen by the Black Fairy and is obviously raised evil. With that, Kitsis confirms that the two will be brought together in “unexpected ways” despite their “rocky” relationship. Apparently, the producer has “always rooted” for the two and just hopes for the best.

Horowitz added that Rumple really has a “deep abiding love” for Belle above his “love for power and addiction to magic.” There has always been a war between those two for Rumple, but the glimmer of hope still shines. As long as it does not completely die out, there could be a chance for the two.

Indeed, a lot of questions are needed to be answered when Once Upon A Time returns this Sunday on ABC for its second half. A new place, Agrabah, will be explored as well as the Aladdin/Jasmine story and its impact on Emma will be highlighted.


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