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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8: Elena, Damon Tightly Hug Each Other; Reason Behind Final Episode Title

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The end of the vampire series we all love is coming to its end. But before The Vampire Diaries Season 8 draws its curtain, fans will be given Delena back as the latest teaser shows Elena and Damon tightly and happily on each others’ arms once again.

Delena is Back Together

The teaser showed Elena finally conscious and out of her coffin in the Salvatore mansion. It appears upon learning that his soulmate was finally awake, Damon wasted no time to be with her.

As soon as the two saw each other, they run into each other’s arms for that tight, long-awaited hug. Meanwhile, the other Salvatore brother, Stefan, stayed at the back and softly said, “Welcome back.”

There have been speculations floating around that Elena may have lost her memory after she wakes up. However, judging from how Elena’s eyes lit up after seeing Damon proves that her memories of him remain intact. Let us just hope that is not Katherine Pierce pulling a prank on the brothers, though.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Epic Finale Title

The Vampire Diaries’ episode titles for this season came from lines of the previous seasons. For the finale, Kevin Williamson, the TV series’ co-creator, shares the story of how they came up with it for the title for the finale.

A certain scene by Elena and Stefan proved to Williamson that their show “has legs” as it came together in its second and third episodes. It was on the TVD’s second episode and Elena said, “We met, we talked, and it was epic. But then the sun came up and reality set in.”

At the time, she was looking for a reason on how she and Stefan cannot be together with their complicated lives. However, Stefan repeated those words to her at the end of the hour to prove that their connection is epic as they kissed for the first time.

Williamson shares the “beautiful monologue” written by his co-creator Julie Plec made him tear up. Everyone loved the line so much that it was brought back in the eighth episode by Stefan’s best friend, Lexi, who proclaimed, “I was feeling epic,” after Stefan thanked her for advising  Elena to give him a chance.

Being “epic” eventually become the show’s “mantra from day one.” They wanted to create an epic story, and so it just feels right to have their final episode be titled I Was Feeling Epic.

Saying goodbye to a show that has been part of our lives for more than seven years is hard. To see how the story will go until the end, The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will air its last episode on March 10 on The CW.


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