7 Must-Watch Movies This March From Action, Romantic Fantasy to Animated Films

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7 Must-Watch Movies This March From Action, Romantic Fantasy to Animated Films
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A lot of long-awaited flicks are finally coming this month. From action to a romance fantasy, here are 7 must-watch movies this March you really should not miss.


The metal-clawed hero is back for the last time. Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Logan who is now past his prime and tending to a crumbling Professor X.

While the X-Man is living in hiding in the mutant-free future, their peace will be disturbed when a young girl who is pursued by evil forces appears. Moreover, the little mutant sports claws that are all-too familiar for our favorite Wolverine.

Beauty and the Beast

The tale that is as old as time easily transcends through the years. The classic Disney cartoon will be brought to life in the live-action film by Emma Watson who will play the bookish yet feisty Belle.

Beast, played by the barely-recognizable Dan Stevens, and Belle will definitely make us realize again how love goes more than just skin-deep. Even if that means sailing through an angry mob of villagers and a magical curse, love will eventually win in the end.

Power Rangers

Another childhood throwback comes in the form of five ordinary teens who happened to stumble upon an extraordinary artifact in a hidden cave in their small town Angel Grove. The reboot will see the high schoolers fight an evil acid queen with the help of Zordon and Alpha 5 as they realize they are the only ones who can save the planet.

Ghost in the Shell

The movie adaptation of the hit Japanese anime makes it to the 7 must-watch movies this March which follows the same story of the crime-fighting automaton Major Motoko Kusanagi played by Scarlett Johansson. As the police officer makes sure the dystopian Tokyo remains crime-free, peace is disturbed by an enemy who wants to wipe out the advancements of Hanka Robotics. Major, the leader of the elite task force Section 9, will not let the antagonist easily get his way, though.

Kong: Skull Island

Peter Jackson’s remake of the 1933 classic put King Kong to the city of New York and that memorable Empire State Building scene where our ferocious friend faced off with World War I fighter jets. This time, though, it will be the human explorers to step into the primordial mystical home of King Kong.


This sci-fi treat will offer viewers an interstellar mayhem as the six-member crew of the International Space Station discovers an active life form in the vacuum of space. However, a problem arises when the life form turns out to be more intelligent than they thought.

The Boss Baby

To end this list, the 7 must-watch movies this March would not be complete without an animated comedy. A tiny human will be the not-so-reliable narrator of a story on how a baby’s arrival can impact a family.


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