Fernando Torres Recovers After Sustaining Severe Head Injury

Fernando Torres Recovers After Sustaining Severe Head Injury
PHOTOGRAPH: Fernando Torres | Photo shows Spanish football player Fernando Torres.

Spanish football player Fernando José Torres Sanz sustained a severe head injury in a recent match. The technically proficient striker, who turns 33 this March, is now in stable condition.

In his native tongue, Torres tweeted, “Thank you all for caring for me and for your messages of encouragement. It was just a scare. I hope to return very soon.” The footballer fell onto the ground following a collision with Alejandro Bergantinos during the Atlético Madrid-Deportivo match at Estadio Riazor, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. He, later on, regained consciousness.

Torres’ horrifying aerial collision startled his opponents and teammates, who rushed to attempt to help him. Spanish professional football club Atlético de Madrid immediately tweeted the news that Torres suffered a head injury. “He was rushed to the hospital to undergo tests…”

Career-Ending Injuries in Competitive Sports

Career-ending, debilitating injuries are part and parcel of the world of sports. However, for a career to end is one thing, to suffer a life-threatening blow is quite another matter.

The head or the face is one of the most vulnerable parts of a player. One unforgettable example is the punch to the face that happened to the United States Men’s Basketball Team Coach to the Games of the XXVII Olympiad, Rudy Tomjanovich, when he was still a player.

If you look at Rudy’s face today, you may think that it had been rearranged at some time with major surgery – and you would be correct. After a scuffle broke out on the court, Tomjanovich ran to stop the fight – and received a vicious punch right smack in the face, getting his jaw dislocated.

He later sued and won against the opposing team that failed to control its players. A book resulted from the incident:  The Punch: One Night, Two Lives, and the Fight That Changed Basketball Forever.

Spanish Footballer’s Scare

In the case of Fernando Torres, the collision was part of the game. The Atletico Madrid star went for a header and then collided with a Deportivo opponent. After falling face first and hitting the ground hard, Torres was surrounded by players from both teams.

Medics were called, and the unconscious player was carried on a stretcher for immediate medical intervention. The Hospital Modelo in A Coruña, where the player underwent emergency scans, immediately allayed the concerned public’s fears.

In this instance, all is well that ends well. In any body-contact sport, the specter of gruesome injury hovers, and it is up to the players to take good care of themselves at all times.


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