Healing Evangelist Tackles How Holy Spirit Takes Up Residence Inside Him, Creating Divine DNA

Healing Evangelist Tackles How Holy Spirit Takes Up Residence Inside Him, Creating Divine DNA
PHOTOGRAPH: National DNA Day | Photo shows DNA strands.

We have heard about human beings who have embarked on a spiritual journey and made it their life mission. For healing evangelist Matt Sorger, the human soul’s blueprint is a very special one. Sorger refers to how the human body can become the temple of the Holy Spirit.

In his teachings, the prophetic messenger and religious conference television host recounted how he envisioned the Holy Spirit wrapping Himself around his human spirit like two DNA strands intertwining as one. The new creation — that he refers to as divine DNA in one’s spirit – may have many effects on one’s life.

The New Creation Reality From the Evangelist’s Point of View

Comprehending the new creation reality may help in hurdling the challenges of Christian life. Sorger said that if people do now know who they really are, they can never experience the fullness of abundant life in Christ.

When we hear the phrase “You are a new creation!” it lends itself to different interpretations. The evangelist noted that while God leads us to become better versions of ourselves, something “much more profound” may also happen.

He said he saw the Holy Spirit filling him. He added that when the Holy Spirit wrapped Himself around his human spirit, they fused together and formed a brand new creation, forming Christ in him. Sorger cited a Biblical verse 1 Corinthians 6:17 that says, “But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with Him” and that, he enthused, is how he came to have a new holy, divine nature.

Encountering God’s Presence in Everyday Life

People nowadays have different beliefs, and at the end of the day, what is important is how human beings conduct themselves in their own ways, in a manner consistent with godliness, or Christian ways.

There are times when people also feel the presence of God or the Holy Spirit through kindhearted or supportive people, such as individuals who come out of nowhere, dispensing sound advice or praying for our healing when we need it most. Some of us may sometimes harbor doubts for people who profess to be an embodiment of God or the Holy Spirit, but others accept the word by faith.

Sorger, who has devoted his life to full-time ministry, is known to speak about the transfiguring glory that can empower people to change, layer upon layer, into the very image of Jesus Christ. It is a genuine transformation from within that also changes people’s mindset.

Learning how to let God open the door to one’s personal transfiguration may help people change and withstand sin. It may not happen overnight, though. In any case, people may opt to use their own approaches when conducting themselves in a manner consistent with Christianity.

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