Annenberg Foundation Introduces AnnenbergTech to Connect Los Angeles Tech Community With Philanthropy

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Annenberg Foundation Introduces AnnenbergTech to Connect Los Angeles Tech Community With Philanthropy
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Annenberg Foundation has recently announced their latest initiative called the AnnenbergTech. The effort reaches a crossroads with tech leaders in Los Angeles to explore how technology and philanthropy can meet and impact the community.

The AnnenbergTech Initiative

In an initiative to connect Los Angeles nonprofits that need greater technology resources with tech industry titans seeking to reach out to the community through philanthropic efforts and civic leadership, AnnenbergTech was created. This effort has three main bedrocks:

  1. Thought leadership
  2. Capacity building
  3. Pilot partnerships

Firstly, to spotlight thought leadership, the foundation has created the AnnenbergTech Leadership Series. This will spotlight on Los Angeles tech and the thought leaders who will be brought together at an intersection where the tech industry and philanthropy converges.

The Annenberg AlchemyTech will be designated for capacity building. It will be a six-month program aimed for Los Angeles tech nonprofits for them to take away some guidance on the best practices for creating specific technology projects.

Last but not the least, the pilot partnerships are made possible with Annenberg Foundation’s cooperation with tech-focused philanthropy programs. For instance, AnnenbergTech collaborated with Annenberg Learner to feature Games for Change in the 2017-2018 school year in Los Angeles.

Everyone will participate in the program. Middle and high school students will be taught with game-design skills, teachers will be provided with professional development, and all will have the chance to make games that would address their local communities’ social needs.

There is also the Annenberg Challenge for Innovation in Technology where the foundation partnered with the Goldhirsh Foundation’s LA2050 initiative. This program gives funds and support to different organizations that make use of technology to engage and act on the region’s community needs.

According to the Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of the foundation, Wallis Annenberg, the company leaders of today are “our philanthropists of tomorrow.” With that, they aim to be a “hub” for the future generation to bring their heads together in creating fresh models to inspire and elevate “all Angelenos.”

Getting to Know Annenberg Foundation

Starting from a family foundation that funded many nonprofit organizations in the US and globally, the foundation has grown and expanded to support many programs for arts, culture and humanities, civic and community life, education and youth advancements, and finally, animal and environment services.

The Annenberg foundation continues to push forward countless innovative projects that pave way for a visionary leadership. But they do not stop there as they encourage further developmental methods for a more progressive future.


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