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Bill Gates Correctly Predicted Netflix, Facebook in 1994

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Bill Gates Correctly Predicted Netflix, Facebook in 1994

Over a decade before these platforms were developed, Bill Gates had already correctly predicted the rise of Netflix, Facebook and various data-sharing services on the web. This just proves how the tech icon and philanthropist is, indeed, a visionary.

Netflix, Facebook in the Eyes of an Icon with the Young Internet

In 1994, the internet was just born. At the time, there were no touchscreen smartphones, no Netflix (not even CDs and DVDs yet), no Google, no Dropbox. Even Microsoft’s web page took quite a long time to load because it had a picture.

But ultimately, that year was a momentous one for the tech industry. In an interview with Playboy, Microsoft’s co-founder and former CEO shares his projection on where the internet is heading in the future – which is now today.

Only scientists and scholars initially had access to the internet. But it was only a matter of time until the use of personal computers would shift from creating documents to accessing electronic media across the web.

Gates said that eventually, choosing a movie will be based on “what movies others liked” and “what you thought of other movies you’ve seen.” The information will be available for browsing and getting “video on demand.” That familiarly sounds just like Netflix, doesn’t it?

He also talked about how “the way we find information” and “make decisions will be changed.” He seemed to describe Facebook a decade before the largest social media platform was created as finding “people with common interests” and how the “community will expand” transcending physical ones.

Bill and Melinda: A ‘Partnership of Equals’

Meanwhile, Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda Gates, opens up on what it was like landing her first job in a start-up right after college. In an interview with CBS’ Sunday Morning, Melinda says she just had to work at the company that is “changing the future.” And if she does get an offer, there is no way she would not take it.

She also spilled that when it comes to dating the company’s CEO, Bill would ask Melinda for dates two weeks prior. It was, of course, because Bill is just smitten with Melinda that after just a week of meeting her at a New York sales meeting, he went up to her at the parking lot and “asked if she wanted to go out.”

The couple now runs the world’s largest private charity as they put their efforts on health and education initiatives. In the end, what makes Bill Gates and Melinda strong throughout the years is their “partnership of equals.”


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