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Nintendo Switch Gamestop Launch the ‘Strongest and Most Succesful’ in Gaming Console Releases in Years

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Nintendo Switch Gamestop Launch the 'Strongest and Most Succesful' in Gaming Console Releases in Years
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia | Nintendo Switch main unit, controller and cradle

Nintendo’s “hybrid” console had a strong start. In fact, the Nintendo Switch GameStop is such a huge hit that it reportedly broke the mostly stagnant gaming console launches in years.

Nintendo Switch GameSpot: A Hit

The long-anticipated gaming console developed by Nintendo called the Nintendo Switch officially released worldwide on Friday, March 3. Among the retailers that had the console, priced at $299, available for walk-in customers is GameStop.

According to the retailer’s senior director of merchandising, Eric Bright, the launch of Switch is considered the “strongest and most successful gaming console launches” for GameStop in the past years. In fact, stores from even the night before the launch are packed with customers who “couldn’t wait to get their hands on the brand new Nintendo Switch.”

Meanwhile, fans who have not got their own console yet should not worry. Bright says GameStop is definitely “getting more” of the hybrid console.

Is the Gaming Console Worth It?

Gameplay of Nintendo Switch

So far, the majority of the users who have played Switch enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, many are converted to Nintendo again with their seventh and latest major video game console.

What sets Nintendo Switch apart from the household mainstays Play Station and Xbox is its capability to literally “switch” from a home to a portable console. Additionally, the innovative product has its own quirky joysticks called Joy-Con in more vibrant colors than what we usually see from controllers.

According to Tom’s Guide’s Sherri L. Smith, what made Switch win back users is its sturdy build. The ease of use and innovative versatility is comparable to a transformer that can cater various audiences depending on their gameplay preference.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bakalar of CNET also reports that the entire hardware is solid and refined. The publication also states that the console is pleasingly versatile that can be switched from a big-screen TV to an on-the-go portable gaming experience.

However, Nintendo Switch also has its misses. Reportedly, the two joysticks cannot be charged separately and have limited charging options. Moreover, the additional accessories are also considered pricey.

Despite having no region lock for games, the small roster of titles is considered disappointing by users. But it is expected that Nintendo will bring more options soon, including third party titles such as Dragon Quest, Octopath Traveller, and Shin Megami Tensei.

Ultimately, Switch is an impressive gameplay experience with some room for improvements that can be done over time. To those who want to try it for themselves to see if the console is indeed worth their bucks or not, they can head on to acquire their own at Nintendo Switch GameSpot.


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