This Guy Made a Smartwatch With Raspberry Pi Which Runs on Windows 98

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This Guy Made a Smartwatch With Raspberry Pi Which Runs on Windows 98
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Have you ever thought about running Windows 98 on your wristwatch computer? A recreational inventor did just that and improvised his Raspberry Pi computer into his own smartwatch.

Crafty Wristwatch Computer

Nostalgia is really in these days. Years ago, sci-fi TV shows in the 80s and 90s featured quirky and futuristic inventions that technologies today have transcended.

Reddit user Lord_of_Bone shared to Gizmodo that he got the inspiration for his concept from these shows with big, boxy computers mounted on wrists. The aim is to “have something that was once state-of-the-art.” Now, he has a “huge behemoth beige box” sitting on his wrist running on an ARM CPU.

The do-it-your own watch has a 2.4-inch touchscreen with a 1,000 mAh battery. It runs on a Raspberry Pi Model A+ and can be operated with five buttons on top along with a simple on and off button.

The Redditor also had to take another step of emulating Windows 98 on his smartwatch since it is not readily available on the computer. He used the popular QEMU, a virtual machine software, for the system’s emulation.

He was already able to run Minesweeper and plans to add Doom later on. But as expected, running a desktop operating system on a small DIY smartwatch can be sluggish and not exactly be a smooth experience.

What is Raspberry Pi?

This credit card-sized open hardware computer was initially designed to teach the kids how to program a computer. It is a series of small single-board computers that can do all expected abilities at a lower power consumption level.

In the 80s, young people had to learn about computers and how they work. These children grew up with sufficient programming knowledge.  Today, the need for more programmers led private individuals to create this tiny and affordable computer to reignite the spark of young people learning the act of instructing computers to perform certain tasks.

The tiny computer with endless possibilities is really easy to set up. You only have to prepare these readily available things:

  • SD card – for the computer’s free operating system
  • USB phone charger – to power it up
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • TV or monitor

There are endless possibilities on what the Raspberry Pi can do. Its cost, size, connectivity, portability, and programmability makes it easy for tinkerers and makers to use if for their projects from making games, build robots to whatever your imagination can give you.


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