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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8: Paul Wesley Thinks Steroline Wedding is ‘Amazing’

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The Steroline wedding, although still perfect, went down in a not-so-conventional way in The Vampire Diaries Season 8. Paul Wesley shared his thoughts about the wedding and how he was also surprised at that fans were thrilled for Stefan and Caroline’s wedding.

Caroline and Stefan’s Wedding

Stefan and Caroline have officially tied the knot. Even though it was rushed and rather early to lure Katherine out of hiding and ended with a bang quite literally with explosions and all, the wedding still went down beautifully.

The episode’s title, We’re Planning A June Wedding, is a nostalgic line from Caroline herself in the show’s first ever episode upon seeing Stefan. However, Paul Wesley, the actor playing Stefan, admits he could not remember that line from the pilot episode.

In fact, Paul says he first heard “about this June wedding for the first time” at the Comic-Con. Moreover, Paul literally still had no idea what it was all about until he was informed that they are going to have the June wedding. Upon understanding, Paul thought it was “amazing” how they are “paying homage to the fans.”

But Paul immediately knew, right after he proposed for the first time, that the wedding will eventually happen. He says it would have been a “real twist” if the tying of the knot did not happen and Julie Plec, The Vampire Diaries’ co-creator, is “way too nice of a person” not to give fans the Steroline’s exchange of vows.

Paul Surprised at Steroline Fans

Fans of The Vampire Diaries Season 8 from way back would know how it was Elena who Stefan first loved deeply. Even until now, there are still Stelena fans hanging on dearly. That is why Paul is surprised how fans are still so thrilled with his and Caroline’s wedding.

The 34-year-old actor said Stefan and Elena were “such the pair for so many years” even when she realized she is in love with Stefan’s brother Damon. He admits it was “surprising” how Stefan and Caroline ended up being “equally as powerful as a couple” which he “never in a million years” thought.

In the end, despite their efforts and Caroline’s great talent of quickly whipping up the wedding preparations – cake and all, Katherine did not show up (since Nina Dobrev is only returning for the finale episode). And with the return of Vicki Donovan and her ringing the bell, there are surely going to be a lot more problems to face on the ending of The Vampire Diaries Season 8.


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