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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Carol Kills Zombies With Street Sign; Norman Reedus Onboard to Gay Daryl

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Carol comes back in style on the latest teaser of The Walking Dead Season 7 with her usual epic zombie-killing fashion. Meanwhile, Norman Reedus shares how Daryl almost had a gay storyline; and he is up for it.

The Walking Dead Season 7: Bury Me Here Teaser

Carol has been mostly missing in action this season, but the new footage of the extended sneak preview gives hope that she might be back once and for all. As seen on the video, Carol is seriously heading somewhere with a mission.

On the way, she encounters some Walkers which she calmly annihilated with a street sign. After she is done, Carol continues to head inside the Kingdom. When asked by Ben what she is doing, Carol makes it clear that she is looking for Morgan.

Will Carol be back to join Rick and the group on their planned uprising? And will Morgan reveal the truth that Daryl could not dare tell Carol?

Norman Reedus ‘Not Against’ Gay Daryl

For a long time, there have been rumors on what Daryl’s sexuality really is. He has never been linked with anyone (Beth died before any progress was made) while his “bromance” with Rick has always been platonic.

Apparently, writer Frank Darabont lightly planned a gay storyline for Daryl according to the actor behind the character, Norman Reedus. However, Norman says Frank will never admit what was termed as the “prison gay.”

Norman, meanwhile, is not against the idea. When Frank pondered on the big What If of making Daryl gay, Norman says he was all like, “Let’s do it! Let’s do it!” Norman shares all Frank had to say was that he picked the “right guy for this job.”

Of course, these conversations never bear fruit. If Norman’s character will follow that trajectory, though, fans are already shipping Daryl with Jesus. However, executive producer Greg Nicotero definitely said no to the idea at the recent Comic-Con.

Norman added that the rumors only started because of Tom Payne, the actor playing Jesus, wanted and joked about it, while fans expressed their approval too. But even though it never happened, or will ever do, Norman announces he is “not against it.”

While the gay Daryl looks like it will not happen, this leads to the possible Carol-Daryl duo (if he does not get paired with Shiva, ultimately, which Norman jokingly wants), that appears to be being shaped on the show right now. Norman says the two “definitely share a good relationship” thus pairing these strong characters would definitely one worth anticipating ship in The Walking Dead Season 7.


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